Okay, so blog launched

Don't quite know what to say. And don't quite know what to post either.

I decided that my blog's name would be 'EmptyWorld Outpost' rather than 'FlameRat's backyard' or something, because I want to make this place for me to post my thoughts rather than just random nonsense stuffs. Make sense? Maybe not.

I do speak Chinese, but I think it would be better to write the majority of the stuffs in English so that most people can read. But, if you are an English user, expect some post in Chinese here. If you are using Chinese, please don't mind I made this website's layout in English. WordPress doesn't have multi-language selection which is a little suck...

So what's next? I will still upload my art to DeviantArt. Really, having a blog is just that I can post some more minor stuffs, like status upgrade or something.

And, as the time I post this, I haven't fully constructed this site yet. WordPress is a pretty complicate application you know. But at least I got the IntenseDebate stuff done.

By the way, this theme would be better to have a banner art, but for the time being there isn't one. Don't know if this theme would support banner art. Having such large words floating is not what I want for my blog.