[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 2 - Zero Sum (Part 1)

Now the story gets a little more interesting... Hopefully.

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I start publishing my fiction!

So at the navigation bar, you should see a tag named "[Fiction] Re-merge", which will take you to the content of the fiction, where you can jump to each part of each chapter.

I will always backlog one part just in case. For example, currently I already wrote the first part of chapter 2, but since I need to keep one part in the draft, I only published the prologue and the chapter 1.

Hopefully the first chapter is not that bad, but even to me, this chapter doesn't make much sense on itself. So if you are not interested, maybe you could wait several days later so that you can read the following story which makes much more sense?

[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 1 - Dying Harmony (Part 4)

Now maybe this is the last part of chapter 1. Then there will be a very, very big event.

Hopefully Twilight won't get too mad.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 1 - Dying Harmony (Part 3)

So now, can Twilight really take such destiny without much preparation?

Well, too early to talk about this now.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 1 - Dying Harmony (Part 2)

And then the story is going to be a little tricky to write, since it's very hard for Celestia to make up her mind, and it's even harder to show that with texts.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 1 - Dying Harmony (Part 1)

So this is chapter one. The true story will start right away.

I think a quick start would be good for this story.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Prologue

Decided that I would write an MLP fanfic for no reason. Maybe not worth reading, but well, still gonna write something.

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I'm writing a fanfic now!

Well finally I decided to write a MLP fanfic. Already wrote some part, and it's in the draft of this blog now, but I'm not gonna post any of those until I at least finished the chapter one, since it's no use to post a story that no one can understand.

(Yes, the prologue and the chapter one doesn't quite make much sense on their own, so I have to wait until there's some future references to let those make sense, so that it won't be that boring or confusing to be read.)

Oh by the way, the title will be Re-merge, which I will explain in the fiction itself.

I hacked my gamepad

Drilled two holes on the triggers and plugged in two toothpicks (actually one, I broke that into two part) and now I have shorter triggers. Now I can have the Xbox Elite controller... 's trigger stopper function.

Hopefully this can help me better at some games. I can always pull those toothpicks out if I want longer triggers, and once they didn't break, I'm fine (otherwise it might be tricky to get them out).

Unfortunately, this won't work in Fallout 4 because most guns have a long trigger, unless I put an upgrade to the gun reciever, or use a mod to remove such feature in game.  Well, it's so smart that Bethesda can come up with such idea to use the trait of triggers on the gamepad.

My first Fallout 4 building! And some blablablah.


Took me 1 and a half hours. Impressive? No?

(The screenshot was took by using the console command "tfc 1" to toggle to free camera mode, which allows the camera to go into air and thus makes it much easier for me to take screenshots from whatever angle I want.)

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