[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 7 - Orbitalization (Part 3)

Then what will Twilight do? Well pretty straight forward.

Although not that clear.

Still I won't cover every detail, and as usual, the ending is neither good not bad, just, well, as expected, somehow.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 7 - Orbitalization (Part 2)

So, Twilight is in the Everfree Forest. Time to meet some old friends!

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Why not RSS? Also something about Disqus.

So EQD decided to switch to Disqus due to the instability beteween Blogger and IntenseDebate. Thankfully ID works just fine with WordPress, plus it's very light-weighted. So, I won't switch my blog's comment system soon. What's better, IntenseDebate just enabled support ticket again. One less reason to switch away.


Currently there's only a discussion board on Disqus that is for posts in EQD like Early Morning Discussion, seems to be for experiment. And what's better, it doesn't support RSS! What a step back.


Yeah, RSS is something pretty old, but works just fine and convenient. Yes, now I have one more website to spam my F5! Although the only other site is Baidu Tieba. Well technically Disqus discussion board isn't a CMS, but a forum. But if most forums have RSS, why not Disqus?


That's how next gen web apps would do, huh? Killing everyone that's not fresh enough, forcing people to use what's the newest but maybe not the most convenient one.


At least it didn't force me to use a cellphone like WeChat does.

[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 7 - Orbitalization (Part 1)

So... Finally the last chapter. Now things are going to conclude.

Or is it?

Let's just see. At least this won't be the end of Twilight's princesshood.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 6 - Triple Difference (Part 4)

So, story continues. Now there's one location left, an important location. 

Two in exact, but this time, just one.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 6 - Triple Difference (Part 3)

Well, Twilight going out to know what's going on.

What could go wrong?


Oh, don't forget that there's someone who's always willing to help her.

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Pause publishing my fiction for a while

Currently I'm writing Re-merge. However, I have to pause it for a bit.

No I'm not lack of time to write it. It's just that, the next part is just too tricky and thus I find out that I can't write it in one day, or maybe a week or a month.

Thus, in order to properly write the part, I decided to pause publishing updates. I will continue trying to figure it out how I should write it, but I don't know how long I will take.

After all, to get something that is large in scale and have a lot of connections between each part, is hard. And that's what I need to do now. The next part would be Twilight go out and figure it out what's happening, and I have to make sure there's real conflict that is solvable, otherwise the part itself won't make sense, and I will not be able to write the remain parts.

[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 6 - Triple Difference (Part 2)

So Twilight has some pretty good plan.

However, is her plan really practical?

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 6 - Triple Difference (Part 1)

Let's not talk about the title that much. 

I know it might look a little hard to understand, but anyway, the meaning is actually pretty simple, even more simple than you might think.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 5 - Limit is Perfect (Part 6)

Well, anyway, they are heading home now.

What's awaiting?

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