RIP IntenseDebate. Now the comment system is upgraded to Jetpack

Really don't want to say this, but, sadly, the mail system and the spam system is broken on IntenseDebate, and even worse, the spam box isn't synchonized between ID and WP sites.

And, I've missed quite a few old messages. Think of when EQD switched to Disqus I said that I would still use ID on my site, and now, well, ID is broken on WordPress sites too. No comment lost luckily, but mail notification and spam filter is very important too.

So, sorry if you've been followed my blog (which I didn't thought anyone visited my blog because the comment system is broken XD) You may try comment on this post below (no spam please) to see if I can receive the comment normally. And, check my DA page for my mail address which also serve as my Skype account.

And, there's 2 other sites I'm moderating, 2 sites of 2 fansub group I'm in. I'm gonna switch the comment system to Jetpack too.

Just hope that this can work, and it's less resource-hungry than Disqus. I don't hate Disqus, just that it's way too modern and really not suitable for a lightweight blog like this. The only reason I choose the "zombie service" IntenseDebate over other more modern services. Oh and, Disqus don't support Gravatar. That sucks.

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