Day: August 31, 2016

关于在Windows 10上开热点的正确姿势的笔记,嘛。。。也许吧

(English Version) 于是,情况是这样的。学校终于换了新的连网认证系统,然后这个系统无需魔改即可允许多个网卡同时运行,也就是说,终于可以弄个热点给手机用了,内牛满面啊233但是也不是那么容易就搞定了的。还好,最终一切顺利。

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Some notes on the proper way of doing Ad-Hoc on Windows 10, I guess.

(中文版) So... The situation is, as my school starts using the new authentication software for network, it allows enabling multiple network cards without hacking, aka I can finally get myself some sweet Ad-Hoc action for my cellphone... But certainly not super easy to set up. Thankfully I finally got a way to get it all […]

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