Sin about the print media design of CN Pony Con, I guess...

*WARNING* Everything I said is subjective. If you don't agree, defend it with your opinion, don't shut my mouth. And don't say things like I'm forcing you to agree on me.

That being said... Well, it's just some random convention... But to me it seems that there's a lot of wrongs in it's design... I'm not going there, and all I got is some photos of their print media. And, I am not doing this for money or intended to blacken their reputation by saying all these.

(©CNPONYCON, photo by gftrym)

So... First thing being, the name, I guess. This is certainly a convention in Shanghai, with everything Shanghai style. And, it's called CN Pony Con. Which might be a little bit annoying because each time they want to host it in a different city, they would have to design another whole set of mascots... But that's not quite the case.

The case is, is it really necessary to use "CN" here? Yeah, BUCK uses the word British, but at least it's not PonyCon with a CN prefix. I'm pretty sure there's no relation between this and another convention called PonyCon, so, maybe they are really run out of naming ideas... But, even using the prefix "Sino" is better, in my opinion.


Then, the logo design. Yeah it represents the two mascots. But, could you please not just switch the tail in the Y of PONY, and stick a tail to the n of Con, which doesn't even has the same color and width... Plus there's thousands of fonts to choose, why the most neutral one for the logo... Even Comic Sans works better here I guess... (Yeah, Comic Sans is not completely evil when being used at a proper situation.)


(©CNPONYCON, photo by gftrym)

Now the mascots. At least there's one thing right, the OCs are quite Shanghai style. Old Shanghai style, it seems. Considering that Old Shanghai is a pretty common scene on TV shows, this should be pretty recognizable. But, I don't quite get the point. Do people who attend this convention, aka, the target market, a fan of Old Shanghai style? At least it seems to me that, Old Shanghai theme is really not common to be seen on arts done by artists born in 90's and 00's...


Which concludes my major criticism on the design. Now some minor one.


The font on the ticket. Okay on its own, but, Old Shanghai style OC with funny looking font? That isn't so match. Looks just as if it's been design by two people without much communication. Speaking of which, I haven't seen any written draft yet. Maybe there isn't any at all... For works around small group this should be fine, but I don't think they are a small group, and I don't think they are all hobbyists, since convention hosting isn't cheap.


Maybe this convention is better be called Shanghai Pony Con for reducing misunderstanding from outside China... I don't know if this would really be a thing, but, since it's pretty much a local convention anyway (traveling all the way to Shanghai just for a convention won't be that possible for most students, I guess), prefixing this with CN isn't that proper I guess?


If there's anyone who is responsible for this convention, if you see this (I assume that you can read English), would you tell me if this criticism is fare or not?


And now you may all hammer on me.


And sorry for this post being in English. It seems that I can get my mind clearer (important for criticism) writing in English, which is pretty odd but just being the truth.

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