MLP S06E08 personal thought

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So... Some thought about the new episode.

This episode is pretty much an opera, which is very obvious, although, well, I guess Twilight directed the opera, and maybe sending VCR tapes away for educational purpose? She's the princess of friendship, so she could do something like that.

Well... That's not what I'm gonna talk.

I said on the spoiler free discussion that, there's some sort of kinda heavy topic in this episode.

First thing is about holiday celebration. As for myself, I find it making less and less sense to celebrate lunar new year each year. Sometimes it's some strange thing about growing up and play less, but, seriously, what's the point of celebrating holidays? I don't think I can talk about that much, since I'm kinda against things that are just taking a form. But, maybe we do need some time to think about, do we really don't need to celebrate holidays in order to get away from our struggle for a while and take a look at what we usually don't have time for?

Second thing, childhood shadow... Well, I'm still kinda a child (I'm only 20), so, maybe I should stand at children's side. I guess we are usually being forced by parents/teachers when we were young. Sometimes those things are just... Kinda nightmare. When thinking of it nowadays, some make sense, some not. Just like the episode shows, such forcing, not entirely good, but not entirely bad either. We need those to grow up (as we don't know the importance of those at that age), but, we also being hurt by those. So... For parents and teachers, well, try balancing the goods and bads of such thing before doing so, and please try to cure the wound when children grow up, so that, the childhood shadow might be a little lighter? Such thing can be cured over time anyway, but, maybe it's just a little better to do it manually, so children like me can suffer less years? (For me it's pretty much cure by time, even though my parents still don't fully understand me, and I kinda don't really want them to... Weird, huh?)

And the third and last thing, does a world that everyone only works and no entertainment takes place, really a good place to live? Well... Maybe not. Actually, history has proven it wrong, even though it didn't quite prove the benefits or disadvantage of entertainment on production. Sorry, but I'm not a socialogist, and I can't quite talk more about this. It's just that, this episode can bring up such topic, and I think it worth thinking.

These are my subjective personal thought. If you don't agree, state your reason and fight me. Just don't expect me to just swallow the disagreement and not fighting back, since, you want to have a duel, I will be on it XD

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