[Fiction] Re-merge - Final Chapter

So what's this about?

Well, just a little bit more after the ending, to make the story more complete.

The story of Twilight won't end here though, since there's way too many stuffs to cover in one fiction.

But for now, here's what makes this story complete.


Once upon a time,

There was different types of ponies,

They argued a lot, 

Until a young princess showed up.

With her little sister, she ruled all of them,

And built an empire to unite them all,

Year after year,

For centuries.


But the trouble still existed,

And the princess's power was not enough.

Failing the attempt to save all the ponies,

She sacrificed herself,

To breed the cocoon named hope.


Carrying all the hope, 

Out came a new princess,

As the carrier of hope,

As an individual pony.


As time goes by,

As the new princess grows,

With pains,

With gains,

She's returning the hope,

To all the ponies,

With all the ponies,

As a pony.



It's the time for another re-merge.


"Now girls," Twilight says, "let's go to the Crystal Fair!"


Don't know whether or (if there will be one) when, there will be a sequel to this fic. But if I do write one, you know it will be about the Crystal Empire.

Also, the history of Equestria goes slightly differently in this fic, comparing to the show's canon, even without the concept of "cocoon".

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