[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 7 - Orbitalization (Part 4)

Finally, it's the end!

The end for now, technically.


As Luna lower down the moon, Twilight floats up, lights her horn, and gently brings up the sun. In front of every pony, she flies down, casts a voice enhanced spell, and starts speaking.

"Thank you, everypony, for joining the Summer Sun Celebration. I know, this is a special day. Summer Sun Celebration represents the eager of sunlight, the eager of safety."

"However, we only eager safety, because we don't always have a good day, and we will meet some trouble every now and then."

"As the princess of Equestria, as the pony who raises the sun, I'm supposed to protect Equestria. However, I can't, because no matter how powerful I am, I am still just a pony."

"Remember the story of Heart's Warming Eve? We all help each other, and that's how Equestria was built. We are all different, we argue with each other from time to time, but after all, we are still a part of Equestria, and we will still help each other."

"Currently, Equestria is in trouble, as all of you have already known. It's all my fault, I admit."

"When I saw all of you doing so well, I overrated the power of friendship. When I attempted to solve the problems you have, I made decision too quickly, which not only didn't solve the problems, but also made them worse. And what's more, I didn't realize that, all of you are ponies with individual minds, not machines, and I should allow mistakes to happen, and when they happen, it shouldn't be the end of the day."

"And I should remember that, no matter how powerful friendship is, it still can't solve everything, and you still have the eager of sunlight."

"Therefore, now it's the time to fix the wound."

"As I know that I'm not perfect, and I'm still not powerful enough, I asked Starlight Grimmer to gather and lead a team. The team will help me make important decisions, and help me protect Equestria."

"And the first job of the team is, to ensure we have enough food. Believe it or not, Equestria was altered silently. There used to be almost no natural weather in Equestria, but after the weather runs naturally, it runs differently from what the controlled weather used to be."

"Therefore, some formal farmlands might not be suitable for farming anymore, and somewhere used to not be farmland, might become a great place for farming. So, in order to solve the current problem, we have to move some farms."

"Also, Equestria used to be a little weak at infrastructures, since we don't have that much trouble to deal with. Currently, Equestria is having a hard time fighting all these troubles, and we must make the root of it stronger."

"However, this is not something I myself, or even the team itself, can do, since after all, we are just a small part of ponies in Equestria. We need all of you to help. Actually, since all of you have different talents, all of you can somehow offer some help."

"And I need all of you to be friendly to each other, as you used to always be. All of you are struggling individually, but the goal is the same : you all want to live better. Deep in your heart, you are all willing to cooperate, but don't know how, or what to do, because Equestria has changed in a way all of you didn't expected. Now the sunlight is back, and it's the time to work together, again."

"Maybe you would lost a little at first, and you may be able to live without receiving any help, I'm sure you and your friends can all win eventually. After all, that's the magic of friendship, which won't always work, but is very powerful when it works, and it works most of the time."

"So, now, as the princess of Equestria, I, Twilight Sparkle, gently ask all of you, if you are willing to be my friend, and help me rebuild the wounded Equestria. If you do, let's fight for Equestria again!"


The leaves on a tree

Grows in order,

As the sun shines

Day after day.


It's not that easy to write the ending. I need to make it have "practical examples" inside, but I can't make the speech too long since this is a fic, and is supposed to be a little "abstract". 

Anyway, this is a proper ending to the story, but is neither a good one nor a bad one. It's just the end. And it's not the end of Twilight's princesshood. She still have much to learn, and much to deal with, but as for now, she did push the history one step forward, and that's what does count.

Oh, there's a little bit more after this. See you there!

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