[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 7 - Orbitalization (Part 3)

Then what will Twilight do? Well pretty straight forward.

Although not that clear.

Still I won't cover every detail, and as usual, the ending is neither good not bad, just, well, as expected, somehow.


"Twilight, you look so confident. Got any idea already?" Spike says to Twilight, as she walks into the castle.

"Not quite really, however I know what to do. Now, get all the snacks and papers prepared, call Starlight, Fluttershy and Luna, and we have a lot of research to do!" Twilight says without stopping heading for the library.


"Now Starlight, remember when you tried spreading equality?" As Starlight walks into the library, before she can ask anything, Twilight directly asks her the question.

"Don't mention that. It's the biggest mistake I've ever made." Starlight says with a sigh.

"But you have the ability to make that mistake. Do you know what that means?" Twilight says.

"That means I'm awful, isn't it?" Starlight says.

"No. You are good at being a leader and a teacher. And now, maybe it's finally the time to put that in use, if you are willing to." Twilight says.

"What do you mean?" Starlight is curious.

"You see how terribly my plan went. I thought that solving these problems are too easy. Yes those ponies can manage themselves well, but not well enough, and they sometimes need a little help. So, would you like to be that little help?" Twilight asks.

"But what should I do?" Starlight becomes confused.

"Lead a team to ensure all the policy works properly enough. You need to gather feedback and take action if needed." Twilight says.

"Sounds like what I can do." Starlight says.

"Actually, that's not all of it. Your team also need to help me make decision, because, I simply can't see everything that's coming. I need some help to ensure I didn't ignore too many things when making those policies." Twilight says.

"Then what about me?" Fluttershy asks quietly.

"Oh Fluttershy. You know a lot about those animals, right?" Twilight says.

"Um, I think, yes." Fluttershy says.

"Animals are also important. As I see, they don't like us to be too rude, or they will fight back their right. So, Fluttershy, would you join Starlight's team to get feedback from animals, so that we can know when we become too rude to them?" Twilight says.

"Um, yes, I think." Fluttershy says.

"Great. I don't think you would be the only pony in the team to do the job, so, be sure don't push yourself too hard even though your job is important." Twilight says.

"Thank you, Twilight." Fluttershy says.

"And, Luna, can I trust you to be the last barrier?" Twilight says to Luna.

"It's my job. A lonely job, though." Luna says.

"Not any more, since you and I are all in a big team now." Twilight says.

"What do you mean?" Luna asks.

"The reason we need a last barrier is that, we don't want to use that a lot. When things get severe, your job is to get things turn right again, and more importantly, to figure out why it turns out like that, so we can prevent it from happening aga" Twilight says, "and yes, I said we. Now Starlight, what's your order to me?"

"Eh, you sure it's not the opposite direction?" Starlight says.

"I'm a princess and a team member of your team. Sure as a princess I can do whatever I want, but as a team member, shouldn't I listen to the team leader?" Twilight says with a smile.

"I got confused." Starlight says.

"Hah! Anyway, as a team leader, your job is to make sure the team works well. And remember, me and Luna are also in the team, so don't be hesitate to ask us for help, or, let us offer some help. Also, you should start finding some teammates, isn't it?" Twilight says.

"I think so. See you later!" Starlight says, start turning to the door.

"How dare you to leave without my permission!" Twilight suddenly speaks in royal Cantelot voice. Starlight is shocked. Then Twilight starts giggling and uses her normal voice to say, "actually, there's one more thing. Luna, do you remember the Summer Sun Celebration?"

"Well, sure. It celebrates the defeat of Nightmare Moon." Luna says with a sigh.

"And the return of Princess Luna." Twilight adds, "and now, the next Summer Sun Celebration is coming, and allow me to make some addition to it. It will be the celebration of the re-merge."

"Pardon me?" Luna says.

"Well, Celestia wanted to reunite all the ponies together, but she only accomplished that in the cocoon. Now there's no more cocoon, and Equestria is back with the rest of the world again, it's finally the time to truly reunite all the ponies, " Twilight says, "although it means that all of us would be extremely busy before the next Summer Sun Celebration. Ready to go?"

"Sure!" Starlight says.

"Sure!" Luna shouts in royal Canterlot voice.

"Um, sure." Fluttershy says.

"Now let's begin our work as a team. Starlight, what's your order?" Twilight says.


Catalyst in,

Oxide in,

Now a little spark,

Can ignite a flame,

Heat up the hope,

Turn all the possibilities,

Into reality.

Now, that's not quite the same as Celestia's way of dealing things.

Twilight would be in a team, instead of fighting on herself.

Now she would fight with a team as a whole, lead by a great leader.

And there's only one thing left : to set the fire. Next part would be the end of this story. Not the end of the world though, but, the end for now, that's for sure.

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