[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 7 - Orbitalization (Part 2)

So, Twilight is in the Everfree Forest. Time to meet some old friends!

"Is this enough, Zecora?" Floating above a pond, Twilight says to Zecora, and as she saying, she falls heavily into the pond.

"So long you let yourself heavy, you cannot say you are ready." Zecora says to Twilight, who's mane flys everywhere, "now take a sit, and get this tea a sip, with some snack for you to eat, as you look hungry and weak."

"Thank you," Twilight says, start eating Zecora's "snack", which is just a bowl of leaves, "I was thinking about all sorts of things too hard, that I haven't eat for days. Now as you say so, I'm so hungry I could eat up your house."


"Now tell me my friend, what can't you get an end?" Zecora says.

"I made every decision that is supposed to work, but they just didn't work!" Twilight complains.

"How can you tell they should work?" Zecora says.

"I made many research! And I've go through a lot! The conclusion shows that it should work!" Twilight says.

"Do you know everything?" Zecora becomes serious.

"Actually, no." Twilight sighs.

"Do you know your future?" Zecora asks.

"I thought I would become somepony like Star Swill the Bearded, but, no, I didn't. And now I don't even know what would happen to me tomorrow." Twilight says.

"Is this the first time your plan didn't work?" Zecora asks.

"If you say so," Twilight thinks for a bit, then says, "right before my last journey, I planned for everything, but none of it works, and I ended up going to somewhere that I didn't even think it exists."

"It's important to know, my friend, that out of exception isn't an end. Every knowledge you gained, every place you went, should always be with you as you ascend. Then as you create new plan, everything you should give a scan, so you can make what you create to better stand." Zecora pauses for a bit, "although you should also expect, that things might not happen as it should in exact."

"I think I need some time to get everything straight." Twilight says.

"So what do you expect to get, princess?" Discord suddenly shows up from nowhere right in front of Twilight and says.

"Defeat you, actually," Twilight says to Discord, "you are the lord of chaos, and now the whole Equestria is under chaos that I need to solve."

"Oh, I swear I didn't do anything. Equestria turns into this status all on it's own." Discord says, "also, how much do you know about chaos, princess?"

"It just makes the world a big pile of mess isn't it?" Twilight says angrily.

"Really? Aren't you also a lord of chaos, and try to use the most chaotic magic of all --- friendship --- to solve all the problem?" Discord says.

"Friendship isn't chaos. It can be stable." Twilight says.

"Then how do you explain that somepony just break the friendship and make all your plan ruined?" Discord says, "Zecora is right, you should expect when things won't work, since friendship is not that reliable."

"But ..." Twilight tries to argue, but can't find any word to do so, and just says, "fine. But that chaos makes Equestria a mess, is still a fact."

"Oh you can't blame chaos. It's not a bad thing, and it's everywhere. It just won't always work as you want." Discord says.

"I must say I'm on Discord's side this time." King Aspen gently walks up to Twilight, "look at this place, full of chaos, and everything is out of control, even when Celestia tried to make Equestria all in order. But, is Everfree Forest completely uncontrollable?"

"No, I guess? Otherwise you can't even be the king of Everfree." Twilight says.

"You are right. Sure, when you look at every single object, it's a complete chaos, but they still have something in common. I can predict what will happen, and make things happen close enough to what I expect. And this chaos can make things happen faster." King Aspen says, "for example, do you know why I would be here?"

"You just walk by?" Twilight says.

"Actually, every critters here transfers the message around, thus the fact that you are here and you have some trouble, came to me pretty quickly. I thought you could use some of my advice, so I came." King Aspen says.

"Oh, that's pretty fast." Twilight says.

"Yes, sometimes, chaos can just make what you wish to happen become reality in a short time, and I don't have to walk everywhere to assume that my decision works or not. What would happen if it won't work, you ask? Well then it won't work, and it's not a big deal, since everything can happen, and this is under consideration. I never make a plan that is too strict because of this." King Aspen says.

"I think I have to digest for a bit. Well, anyway, at least I know there's a new direction I can try to approach. Discord, where's my cane?" Twilight says.

"Here it is, princess." Discord summons the Twilight Cane and gives it to Twilight, then says, "good luck, and have fun with chaos!"


Put a grain of sugar into a glass of water,

It breaks into numerous pieces,

Going everywhere,

Making the water sweet.


Zecora, Discord, King Aspen, in Everfree Forest. Well, not everything can be expected.

But everything can partly be predicted, which is very important. The key is, it's predictable, and only partly predictable.

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