Why not RSS? Also something about Disqus.

So EQD decided to switch to Disqus due to the instability beteween Blogger and IntenseDebate. Thankfully ID works just fine with WordPress, plus it's very light-weighted. So, I won't switch my blog's comment system soon. What's better, IntenseDebate just enabled support ticket again. One less reason to switch away.


Currently there's only a discussion board on Disqus that is for posts in EQD like Early Morning Discussion, seems to be for experiment. And what's better, it doesn't support RSS! What a step back.


Yeah, RSS is something pretty old, but works just fine and convenient. Yes, now I have one more website to spam my F5! Although the only other site is Baidu Tieba. Well technically Disqus discussion board isn't a CMS, but a forum. But if most forums have RSS, why not Disqus?


That's how next gen web apps would do, huh? Killing everyone that's not fresh enough, forcing people to use what's the newest but maybe not the most convenient one.


At least it didn't force me to use a cellphone like WeChat does.

3 thoughts on “Why not RSS? Also something about Disqus.

  1. FlameRat

    ps. Disqus also eats comment a lot, similar to Baidu Tieba. Well, over sensitive spam filter, and seems like the channel mod can't manually remove the spam tag...


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  3. Fried

    Disqus came around and offered us an alternative to WordPress’s I always like hearing it !! comment system. Disqus came with some nice bells and whistles, such as social media integration.Then Facebook came in and furthered their own quest of world domination with the Facebook comments system. Thanks for Sharing !!


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