[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 7 - Orbitalization (Part 1)

So... Finally the last chapter. Now things are going to conclude.

Or is it?

Let's just see. At least this won't be the end of Twilight's princesshood.


When a coconut touch the water,

It will go to somewhere,

Somewhere that can be known,

But stays unknown for a while.


"Twilight! We believed in you, but we won't anymore!"

Stepping into the main hall, Twilight spots a lot of ponies from all over Equestria inside and shouting at her.

"We followed what you said, but everything become worse!" The crowd says.

Twilight releases a shockwave to silent everypony inside. "One thing at a time please, otherwise I can't hear any of you. Now everypony stay in your place and I will walk up and ask all of you one by one." She says.

"The mail ponies at Cloudsdale took tools from Canterlot away but didn't bring back any food! We are fooled by them!"

"We released rain at crop field and then those ponies just blame us for flooding their land!"

"We fix tools for other ponies but they said that since we are not working at crop field, we should not get food from the field!"

"We brought tools from a town and they said that what we brought are broken and refused to offer us food!"

"We received some fertilizer but those ruined our crop field!"

"We went collecting water for creating rain and other weather, but those ponies by the river prevented us from doing so!"

"We went to help crafting tools, but they blamed use for making too much noise!"

"We built water channel but they got blocked right away by those animals!"

"We started a new orchard but it got destroyed before even start growing up!"

"Our crop field was destroyed by those animals before we can harvest!"


"Twilight, you haven't eat anything for days! You shouldn't push yourself that hard!" Spike says to Twilight, who's reading piles of books.

"I can't! I can't even solve any of these, even though I'm so-called the most powerful pony!" Twilight answers with a loud voice.

"You can. I believe you can solve everything eventually." Spike tries to calm Twilight down, handing her a cup of warm tea.

"Of course you believe! Everypony believe that I can solve the problems, but I can't! Nevermind, I quit!" Twilight screams, flying right into the Everfree forest.


An equation would have a certain solve.

The world however, isn't made of equations.


Twilight usually is a little too OCD. Anyway, she only need to realize something that is pretty simple to understand, although really not easy to think with.

Well, anyway, we always trust something that is not accurate, but we live without much problem. However, if we don't realize that it's not accurate, we might get into big trouble.

And we have no choice but to believe those inaccurate stuffs.

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