[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 6 - Triple Difference (Part 4)

So, story continues. Now there's one location left, an important location. 

Two in exact, but this time, just one.


Outside the fogs around the Crystal Empire. "Still having all these fogs around?" Spike says.

"Anyway, I'm getting in now." Twilight says firmly.

"Are you sure? It could be dangerous!" Spike says.

"So what? It's not the time for that!" Twilight says. Absorbing energy from the sun, she shoots a giant beam of magic towards the fog. The fog gets cleaned for a while but quickly recovers.

"Oh come on!" Twilight says, turning to Spike and Fluttershy, "listen, I don't want to do this, but in order to reach the Crystal Empire, I need to turn all three of us into umburms. Then we will get more and more painful when we are getting closer to the Crystal Heart, which is the way we can know which direction we should go. I won't do this if I have other choice, but since I haven't, would you agree to join? You can still quick now."

"I'm with you. You won't know when you will need your trusted assistant would you?" Spike says.

"You bring me for helping you. So, I won't quit." Fluttershy says.


"Umburm attack! Pull the alert now!" At the gate of the Crystal Empire, the guard shouts out.

"Wait! I'm Princess Twilight! I demand you to suspend the alert now!" Saying out, Twilight immediately casts the spell to turn herself, Spike and Fluttershy back to their original form.

"I'm sorry, princess." The guard says, then shouts out, "alert cleared!" Then he lower down the voice and says, "there's umburm and changling attacks every now and then. The fogs are for keeping changlings away, and we guards are for keeping umburm away. So, what makes you come here, princess?"

"I'm worry about the Crystal Empire! Take us to the castle now." Twilight says.


"Twilie! It's good to see you again!" Shining Armor says.

"Brother, how dare you not making contact with me and mom and dad for so long?" Twilight says to Shining Armor.

"I'm sorry, but we can't. If I stop the fog, changlings would show up immediately! Sorry for letting you worry." Shining Armor says.

"So what's the situation here?" Twilight says.

"Let me explain," Cadence shows up and says, "after Celestia left the world, the Crystal Empire was attacked by a group of changlings. And there's more and more, too many that we have to use a spell to create fogs in order to keep changlings away. We thought that after they stopped attacking for a while, we can stop the fog. But when we ceased the spell, the fog didn't go away, and we've tried every spell but it just won't work. What's worse, there's umburm attacks too, even though we always keeps the Crystal Heart in place we can't get all of them away."

"Then, since there's still occasionally some changling attacks, we decided to stop finding the way to remove the fog, and use the resource to find the way to deal with umburms instead. The Crystal Empire is self-sufficient on resources so we don't really have to contact with outside." Shining Armor adds.

"I see. So even the whole Equestria is worn out, you just stay here having a relatively peace live and never worry about what's outside the Crystal Empire?" Twilight says with a little angry.

"Sorry but, what happened?" Shining Armor says.

"Well," Twilight suddenly cries out, "I made a big mistake. The decision I made didn't protected Equestria, but made it all at war instead. It's good to see the Crystal Empire in good shape, but it on the other way also shows that how big the mistake I made to Equestria ..."

"It's okay. Nopony is without flaw. At least you are still trying to solving it, right?" Shining Armor pats Twilight.

"Yes. But I don't know if it would work now." Twilight sobs.

"Twilight, I'm sure you can solve it. You have a different and unique way to solve problems, right? At least Celestia never came up with those kind of ideas before. There's something you are good at, so keep doing it." Cadence kindly says.

"You are right. So now, could I get help from the Crystal Empire?" Twilight says in a serious voice.

"The Crystal Empire is always a part of Equestria, and I'm always your big brother. So, what do you think I will answer?" Shining Armor says with a smile.

"Thank you. Although currently I don't need help. I will ask for help when I need it." Twilight says.

"But how do you get message to here when you are outside the fog?" Shining Armor says.

"There's something your little sister is good at! You'll see that soon." Twilight says.


"Now, in order to get in and out of the fog, I need something I can track. Here, although it's hard to track the sun, I can still do it. But when I'm outside, I found it impossible to track the Crystal Heart, which means that the energy within is not powerful enough." In front of the Crystal Heart, Twilight says.

"Then what will you do?" Cadence asks.

"Infuse it with more energy of course!" Twilight says confidently, with her body start glowing and floating up, then she shoots a beam of magic towards the Crystal Heart. The Heart starts glowing. "Now I can track the Crystal Heart without any problem. However, it seems that this won't have any effect on umburms." Twilight says.

"So, that's it?" Shining Armor says.

"Not really. Before I leave, there's two things. First, I wish you could keep the Crystal Empire in good shape as usual. Second, big brother, don't you think this is the time for you to write a letter to mom and dad?" Twilight says, with Spike pulling out a roll of paper and a quill.

"Of course! Tell mom and dad I'm fine." Shining Armor says.


Wind keeps blow,

Pit at below,

Both creates a swill.


Finally, chapter 6 completes. It's not that easy to write this chapter, even though it's not the most important part. Yes, every chapter is more important than the previous one, but in one way, they are all important since, without the previous chapter, this chapter won't make sense.

So, next it would be the last chapter. Let's see what will happen after all these things happens in these six chapters.

Oh by the way, there's a paradox in this part.

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