[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 6 - Triple Difference (Part 3)

Well, Twilight going out to know what's going on.

What could go wrong?


Oh, don't forget that there's someone who's always willing to help her.


"So, in order to know what's going on, I need to go out and have a look at the current situation. Surely all of you are unique and can help me in your own way, however," sitting on her throne, Twilight says, "this time I must go fast, thus I can't take all of you. Therefore, I will only take Spike and Fluttershy with me this time." She pauses a bit, "and the remains of you must stay here and help Luna protecting this castle."

"Really me?" Fluttershy says.

"Yes. You can talk with animals, and I can use those information gathered by you." Twilight says.

"If you say so, um, yes I'm willing to help you." Fluttershy says.

"Don't worry about us, we will wait for you here." Rainbow Dash says.

"Wait a minute. What about Sweet Apple Acres?" Apple Jack says.

"I won't restrict all of you in this castle. However, remember that don't join any war that's probably gonna happen, and you must be available when Luna or I call you." Twilight says, "which means, surely you can go home, Apple Jack, sorry for misleading you."

"Thank you." Apple Jack says.


Standing in front of the town hall of Ponyville, Twilight says to Fluttershy, "From now on, we must follow the plan. When sun starts rising for the next time, you must come back wherever we take apart and tell Spike what you've got. No exception. Now you can move."

"All right. See you later, Twilight!" Fluttershy flies away. Then Twilight and Spike walks into the hall.

"Hello, I'm Mayor Mare, the mayor of Ponyville. What can I help you, ... Princess Twilight?!" Mayor Mare says.

"Yes, I'm back now, but sorry I'm on duty now. So, what's the situation in Poniville?" Twilight says.

"You see, much worse now. As the town grows, we started partly relying on the import to supply our needs. Now, there's no more imports. The farms here still producing foods, but not enough to support the whole town. Also most business ponies have left this town." Mare says.

"Why there's not enough food? Lack of rains?" Twilight asks.

"Sort of, but the lack of tools is also real. We don't quite have enough ponies here to craft tools." Mare says.

"Well, so how many ponies are producing foods?" Twilight says.

"Everypony. We all have to work on foods otherwise we won't even be able to survive." Mare says.


Sweet Apple Acres. "Okay, Apple Jack, you are here. How much do you and your family know about farming?" Twilight says to Apple Jack.

"We are running a farm. Why would you ask this?" Apple Jack says.

"Do you fix tools on your own or send them to a craftpony?" Twilight asks.

"Unless the tools got too worn out, we fix them on our own. Hey wait a minute. Why would you ask this?" Apple Jack says.

"Is Sweet Apple Acres still a part of Ponyville?" Twilight ignores Apple Jack's question.

"No way we would split from Ponyville!" Apple Jack says.

"Very well. Now I demand the whole Apple family teaching other ponies how to farm and fix tools. Apply instantly." Twilight says, "and, I kinda need a place to rest tonight. Got some extra place I can stay?"

"Only for you, Twilight. Well, if you don't mind, you can sleep on couch, since, you know, the situation here." Apple Jack says.

"That's perfect." Twilight says.


Cloudsdale. "Is that Spit Fire?" Walking on the street, Twilight sees something familiar.

"Yes?" Spit Fire turns back, "oh my, Princess Twilight! What's up with you?"

"Keep that for later, now I'm on duty. Just answer me, how's the situation in Cloudsdale?" Twilight says.

"Not good at all. We don't have foods, so there's not enough water here either, since we don't have enough pegasus to carry water up!" Spit Fire says.

"Then how do you stay here?" Twilight asks, "don't lie to me."

"We have to collect foods on the ground." Spit lower her voice down, "actually, by saying collecting, I means we sometimes have to rob foods from farms on the ground."

"Hmm ..." Twilight thinks for a bit, "then what about the Wonderbolts?"

"We only have the name now. We are so busy gathering foods." Spit says.

"And the weather factory? Mailing facility?" Twilight asks.

"Weather factory is discontinued. Although I think the devices and the workers there are still fine. Mailing facility are also fine." Spit says.

"Who's in charge here now?" Twilight asks.


"Do they listen to the Wonderbolts?"

"Maybe. Hey you want us to take charge of Cloudsdale? We are not capable of!" Spit shouts out.

"You are a good leader. It's up to you whether you want to help or not, but I surely can use your help." Twilight says.

"Okay. I trust your judgement. Tell me what you need me to do, but don't let us down." Spit says.

"Very well. I demand you to tell everypony here, for every place you get food, help fertilize the land there, and drop some materiel for tools. Apply instantly. Now we can hang out for some chat." Twilight says.


Canterlot. "Mom and dad, I'm back!" step into her home, Twilight greets her parents.

"Twilight, you are back! Are you all right outside?" Velvet Sparkle says.

"Sorry for letting you worry. Well, I need to go for my duty first. Mom and dad, could you talk about the situation here in Canterlot?" Twilight says.

"The streets are filled with abandoned stuffs. Those are supposed to be sold, but since not enough pony buy them, they just got abandoned. Besides, we have so little to eat, that we usually just sleep through almost the whole day, and spend the rest of the time go out and find foods. It's so lucky of you to step in here for the right time, or we are not here or sleeping." Velvet Sparkle says.

"Thankfully some of your friends are still helping us, otherwise we might not be able to get enough food, since we are already too old." Night Light says.

"Did you get message from Shining Armor before?" Twilight asks.

"No. No message for years. Do you know what happened?" Night Light says.

"I think I have to go to the Crystal Empire myself to check." Twilight says, "well, I need to go out for some more information. Can I stay here tonight?"

"This is your home, of course you can stay here however long you want!" Velvet Sparkle says.


Canterlot Castle. "Moon Dancer, what's the situation here?" Twilight says as she reaches the library.

"Oh Twilight Sparkle. You see, we have more than enough products but we are starving." Moon Dancer says.

"I've already known that from my mom. Who's in charge of Canterlot?" Twilight says.

"Luna gave me the permission to take charge, but usually it's just those guards that managing Canterlot." Moon Dancer says.

"All right, Tell the guards to use tools to exchange foods with farms. If there's not enough guards, ask Cloudsdale for help in my name." Twilight says.

"Are you sure? We don't have a good relationship with Cloudsdale now." Moon Dancer says.

"No problem. Cloudsdale is still a part of Equestria and should listen to me. Plus I've already contacted them." Twilight says, "and for you, would you do a research on crop growing?"

"If you say so. And I'm willing to help you." Moon Dancer says.


Manehatten. "Trixie, could I ask you about something?" Stepping into a worn-out theater, Twilight says to Trixie, who's sitting on the broken stage.

"The great and powerful Trixie! Is willing to answer what she's capable of." Trixie says.

"Fine. Now, what's the situation in Manehatten?" Twilight asks.

"You see, nopony watch my show anymore. Actually nopony watch shows anymore. The biggest part of Manehatten : shopping and entertainment, has completely shut down, since there's no visitor now." Trixie says.

"Then how do you get foods?" Twilight asks.

"Once a while we travel outside Manehatten to get foods. But that's just ponies who still haven't left Manehatten like me." Trixie says.

"And why didn't you leave Manehatten?" Twilight asks.

"Manehatten is my home now, after traveling and performing around Equestria for a long time. Also, nopony nowadays watch any shows, so even if I go to somewhere else, I can't make a living either." Trixie says with a sigh.

"Have you ever tried?" Twilight asks.

"Well, I haven't." Trixie says.

"Then maybe you and all other performers should try this. Even if it doesn't work, you can live better outside Manehatten." Twilight says, "and, would you mind me taking a corner to rest here tonight?"

"I'll consider it. This place is large, so you can stay here however you want. Just that there's not much I can help you." Trixie says.


Every proton has it's story. 

Sums up, it's another story.

So, hopefully after all these days I'm working on this, it's worth it.

Although this part is so loose.

Sorry, I failed to make it brief enough.

Also, the story won't end here.


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