Pause publishing my fiction for a while

Currently I'm writing Re-merge. However, I have to pause it for a bit.

No I'm not lack of time to write it. It's just that, the next part is just too tricky and thus I find out that I can't write it in one day, or maybe a week or a month.

Thus, in order to properly write the part, I decided to pause publishing updates. I will continue trying to figure it out how I should write it, but I don't know how long I will take.

After all, to get something that is large in scale and have a lot of connections between each part, is hard. And that's what I need to do now. The next part would be Twilight go out and figure it out what's happening, and I have to make sure there's real conflict that is solvable, otherwise the part itself won't make sense, and I will not be able to write the remain parts.

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