[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 6 - Triple Difference (Part 2)

So Twilight has some pretty good plan.

However, is her plan really practical?


"Oh, my! Twilight, where have you been, and what did you do with the sun!" As Twilight walks into the library, Luna is already there. Seeing Twilight's mane, Luna asks.

"Something changed my plan of having a journey around Equestria and we ended up visiting Delta. Not the time for this now. Tell me what happened in Equestria?" Twilight says hurriedly.

"So you've met Delta? I know Celestia met him too, but I didn't. Ever since the first time you use the sun to contact me, I was trying to tell you what's going on here, and you didn't receive it at all?" Luna says.

"It's hard for me to keep that spell so I didn't get the message. Anyway, what happened?"

"Well, it all begins when there's not enough rain due to the lack of control in weather. After you published that policy, lands got drier and drier over time, and it gradually turned everything down."

"So that policy I made actually ruined Equestria? What am I going to do? I was told to protect Equestria but I ruined it!" Twilight screams out.

"Take it easy, Twilight." Luna says calmly, handing a cup of warm tea to Twilight, "that starts all of these, but what actually ruined Equestria is all the ponies. Being low on resources, they started living in small tribes that is self sufficient in basic resources. However, some advanced resources are quite limited and to fight for them, they started having war again. To tell you the truth, this is the same situation before Celestia cast the spell. Or a little worse, I have to say, since there's less resources than before. And, don't know how much Delta has told you, I think it's important to let you know why there was a war before."

Luna drinks a whole cup of coffee, then says, "actually that time, it's also began with the lack of rain. Due to the lack of rain, food is low thus everything turns low. Celestia saw all these happened in Equestria, realized that everypony are just doing things on their own thus they are all unhappy. Then Celestia decided to force everypony to work together, but that didn't work well, and the war still continued." She paused for a bit, "thus, she went to find Delta, and after that she cast the miracle spell."

"And then Equestria turns exactly what she wanted, but she sacrificed herself?" Twilight asks.

"Not really. At least not anymore. She knew that everything she did was just temporary, and just delay instead of solving the problem, as Delta told her. So she created the shell that covered Equestria, which she called it 'cocoon', and inside, she can know everything that happens around Equestria easily, thus creating the perfect environment for her to figure out what's the best way to solve the problem. In the same time, she also tried to choose a successor that can learn from all her attempt and can probably solve the problem eventually after the cocoon collapsed." Luna says, "and she chose you."

"So it is all planned. My life, and my future." Twilight says calmly, "I know how Celestia deal with the problem, but Celestia is not the only one that taught me. Sorry but I'm going to take another way to protect Equestria. Would you still help me, Luna? I now need everypony's help."

"I'm with you as always. However, if you need to go out, I can't go with you, since I must protect this castle for you." Luna says firmly.

"Oh thank you Luna! I thought you won't accept me to betray Celestia." Twilight says.

"You didn't. She only want to protect Equestria. And now Equestria is yours, you have the right to decide everything. As always I'm just a protector. Celestia always trusted me to guard her back, and I think you also will." Luna says.

"Anyway, I think it's time for me to go out and have a look in the situation!" Twilight says.

"No! You should rest now! You haven't sleep well for a whole week already!" Spike shouts out.


As the cocoon cracks,

A new hope is born,

Soaring away

To where the old hope hadn't been.


Every old thing clear now. Then next Twilight would have to look into the situation.

It won't be no reason to be so tricky to deal with. 

But Twilight isn't some random pony either.

Just see which side will win. The jammed situation, or Twilight.

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