[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 6 - Triple Difference (Part 1)

Let's not talk about the title that much. 

I know it might look a little hard to understand, but anyway, the meaning is actually pretty simple, even more simple than you might think.


Everything is different.

More or less, however,

They all follow something same.


"Thank goodness you are back! Now do something, Twilight!" Rushing into the balcony, Starlight Grimmer says in a hurry.

"Do what?" Twilight is confused.

"Don't you see? After you left, living condition in Equestria goes worse and worse, and everypony starts fighting with each other. As a result, almost every bit of Equestria was ruined, including Luna's castle in Canterlot. Luna and I have defended this castle to wait for your return since then." Starlight says.

"Even though you say so," Twilight smiles bitterly, "I don't think there's anyway I can end this in a short time. Unless," she sighs, "I can use the miracle spell to make Equestria look good again. But that's just delayed all these problems once more, or worse, making these problems bigger for my successor. I have the ability so I can do this, but I don't want to let any of my friends down, so I can't."

"Well maybe I'm too hurried. But after all these happened, who else can I expect to save Equestria? Anyway, why not have a rest and we can talk about this later?" Starlight says.

"Thank you for trusting me. Actually I think I know what I should do. If I was born to solve these, then I guess I have no other option. What's better, I'm not forced to, but willing to solve these now!" Twilight says firmly, "Spike, let's get prepared to take this challenge in the library!"

"Seriously, such hurry?" Spike rolls his eyes.


To get a disordered herd back to the barn,

Either use force to push them,

Or use trick to lead them.


Now goes what's the hardest to write. How use least force to make Equestria in order again. I don't know, whether Twilight's way should be called "conquer" or not.

The next part she would say her plan, and then she would perform it. Well, it doesn't always work, but at least, she can have a try, right?

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