[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 5 - Limit is Perfect (Part 6)

Well, anyway, they are heading home now.

What's awaiting?


"So, hopefully all of you have had some wonderful time here. If you think you need to come here once more, just come and I'll always welcome you." As Twilight and her friends all packed up, Delta says.

"Thank you, Delta. Can't say all my memory here is good, but at least, I feel much better and confident now. Anyway, do you know how we can go back to Equestria?" Twilight says.

"The sun and the moon is always controlled by Equestria, so if you want to find her, just link the sun and the moon, and Equestria will be at the very middle. However, even though I know where she is, I don't know how to get there, and you have to figure it out yourself." Delta says.

"Well, this is enough. I already have a plan to use the sun to teleport all of us back." Twilight says.

"That's just like turning the sun into a party cannon, right?" Pinkie Pie says.

"Sort of. Let's gather together and I will cast the spell soon." Twilight says.

"You sure this work, sugarcube?" As they gathers together, Apple Jack says.

"No problem. Although I'm not sure, theoretically it should work. Now hold on, three, two, one ..." Twilight casts the spell. They all turn into a magical beam, shoots towards the sun, then bounce towards Equestria.

"Ta-da! Here we are, in ... Equestria?" Landing on the balcony of her castle, Twilight says, looking around and finds out that Ponyville has already been worn out. "What happened!" She screams out.


Plant a seed into the soil,

Fruitful or fruitless, it turns into a tree.

Without extra care, it can be anything,

That no one can expect,

Except what's impossible.


Now, chapter 5 ends, all of them has gone back to Equestria.

They surely missed something happened there.

Well, at least there's still a castle for them.

Next they need to face what they are supposed to face.

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