[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 5 - Limit is Perfect (Part 5)

Definitely Twilight would go on a way different from Celestia. But which one in exact? Well, at least the difference between Celestia and Twilight is that, Twilight has friends, but Celestia only has Luna. 


"Feel better? Do you know how much we are worried about you?" Fluttershy asks Twilight when giving her a massage, who is sitting and eating a piece of cake, with her fur a little charred.

"Definitely yes, thank you Fluttershy. By the way, Rarity, would you stop playing my mane?" Twilight says.

"Oh, no no no! You have the most fabulous mane I've ever seen now and I can't stand leaving it messy!" Rarity says, tidying Twilight's mane and tail.

"Well, actually you know what I mean, it's very kind of you to help me tidying my mane." Twilight says to Rarity.

"What happened to you, sugarcube? Are you really okay after covered in those crazy magic thingies?" Apple Jack says.

"I'm fine. I just can't get over the fact that I was a tool built by Celestia for a while." Twilight says.

"Then? Have you figured it out yet?" Pinkie Pie says.

"Sort of. So, let me rest for a while and there's something I must say to all of you. Pinkie, another piece of cake please?" Twilight says.

"Of course, our princess Twilight Sparkle!" Pinkie says in a high pitched voice.


"Sorry but I made these decision myself. But since we are good friends, I think all of you can agree on these, and I trust all of you. There's something that I can't do on my own, even though I am now somehow the most powerful pony in Equestria." Sitting with all her friends around a campfire set in the garden that Apple Jack cleaned before, Twilight starts speaking, "this is important, so Spike, could you start taking notes?"

"Got it! Now you can begins." Spike says.

"From Delta, I know that all of you have already heard of what happened before." Twilight says, "Although you have no memory now, I still remember all the adventure we've done, together, with or without the Elements of Harmony. I'm the successor of Celestia, but I'm not quite the same as Celestia, because I know I have the most powerful magic: friendship."

"Whenever we have problem, we try to solve together, instead of doing everything on our own. I was given the choice to do whatever I want, however I want, and even if I ruined the whole Equestria, no one would blame me."

"But I know I won't. I've always want to be friends to everyone, and I don't think this would change after I become a lot more powerful. I know how things can go a lot better when there's friendship within, even if we can't always agree on each other. And I know, my job isn't to save or ruin Equestria on my own, but to keep all these friendship and then Equestria can make herself a better place to live in."

"I've learned a lot from books, but the most important lesson, I took from my friends --- you. I know I can count on you to help me do my job. So, as always, I wish I could have your help to protect Equestria as we always do."

Twilight takes the quill and scroll from Spike, sign her name on, "here I promise to guard friendship, with all of you, and everyone in Equestria. If you agree, sign your name here. The task would be hard, so I won't actually force you to join. Now, what's your answer?"

"Is there really another answer you can get?" Rainbow Dash says.

One by one, all of Twilight's friends walk up and sign their names on the scroll. Holding the scroll, Twilight float up, and raise the sun.

"So, let's go home, and face whatever we meet!" She says in a firm voice.


A swarm and another and another and another,

Together, all of them.

They won't be alone when soaring

To somewhere they are familiar but unfamiliar with.


The end. Roll credit. Or is it?

Well fall from end.

Just having some words definitely isn't enough to solve anything.

Later they will know that, even if they wish, friendship won't work quite exactly how they want.

But at least they have learned a lot and surely Twilight is pretty creative.

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