[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 5 - Limit is Perfect (Part 4)

So, Twilight's decision? 


"Is Twilight okay?" The next morning, at the hall, Apple Jack asks Delta.

"Maybe. Give her some time. I know it's tough for her." Delta says calmly.

"Hey! What did you do to Twilight!" Rainbow Dash shouts at Delta.

"Rainbow!" Apple Jack stops Rainbow.

"Sigh. There's something only Twilight would remember and has to face now. She needs some time to sort them out." Delta says.

"Well, I think we should believe our friend. Right, Rainbow Dash?" Fluttershy says.

"She's the best pony in Equestria! She could do this!" Spike says.

"I do want to believe. If even we can't trust our friend, who else can?" Rainbow says.

"I'll bake a dozen of cupcakes to wait for Twilight!" Pinkie Pie screams out.

"Or, at least, if she has any trouble, we can help." Rarity says.

"Pardon me? There's something she must do on her own. All you can do is just stay aside and cheer her up, instead of directly help her." Delta interrupts.

"That's still helping, right?" Rarity says.

Suddenly a strong shock wave goes through the whole hall and Twilight shows up.

"Gasp --- ! Twilight, what happened?!" Looking at Twilight, Rarity is shocked.

It surely is Twilight, but her mane and tail, although flowing and shining, is overgrown and messy. Her eyes are glowing brightly, her body, her wings and her horn are covered in violet fire, with magic corona shoots all around.

"Magic nova. Nothing severe. Just don't step close to her unless you want to get zapped and hurt." Delta says.


Vapor of stars around, 

A small piece of seed

Gather them all together

And shine through all the dark.


Seems like Twilight successfully made a decision. Well, this part is short, but anyway, cool her down and maybe she can become some sort of horrible monster, doing what she want, no matter others like it or not.

Didn't say that this would never be a good thing. Actually, Twilight used to be a horrible monster all the time, isn't it?

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