[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 5 - Limit is Perfect (Part 3)

Why would I give Twilight a flowing mane?

Well, why not?

It looks cool. Although this is not the case.

Anyway, she can have it. It won't hurt.


"So you really like this library? As I said, there's no specific bedroom here, and you have to pick a room to live in when you are here." Inside the library Twilight mentioned before, Delta says to Twilight.

"This is better than fine. Since I become Celestia's personal student, I always lived in a library, until I got my castle." Twilight says, lighting up a candle.

"Well, seems that you are doing better than Celestia. She's not as eager in knowledge as you are. At least she didn't read as many books as you. You really did a good job surpassing her. Maybe you can manage Equestria better than her." Delta says.

"Actually, when I first become Celestia's personal student, I want to be a great magician, but ended up being an alicorn princess." Twilight says, with a sigh.

"But you still be a princess now, aren't you?"

"Well, if it's my destiny, then I will follow it, even if I don't really like it."

"It's your destiny, but you chose to follow it, not being forced to follow it. You can quit at anytime and no one will blame you."

"Really? What if that I didn't follow my destiny caused Equestria in trouble?" Twilight asks.

"That's not your fault. But you do want to protect Equestria. You choose to be a princess to protect it, not it forces you to be a princess."

"Well, I do love Equestria, and I will do my best to protect it. But I don't think I protect it well. That's one of the reason why I want to go for a journey. I want to seek the way to manage it well."

"You'll find it. Or maybe you've already found it. Stay creative and curious, and I know you can solve it's problem, in your way."

"Thanks. But how can I find it?"

"I don't know. You can have your own way. The goal is simple, but to achieve it, there's way too many ways to choose. Well, luckily, here is a good place, if not the best place, to get your answer. Keep exploring here, and think of everything you've gone through, and you will know what you should do. You can stay here however long you want, and use whatever you found here. I won't matter, but I won't be responsible for whatever you do here, either."

"You mean, I should have a research here? I love research. By the way, what do you know about Celestia? Do you know about the miracle spell she casted?"

"For what I know, there was a huge war among the world, not only in Equestria, making the whole world a total mess. And Celestia went here to seek a way to stop the war. But seems that, what she did was to create a shell to protect Equestria, and inside it, she said she would make it a peaceful place, where will be peaceful for a while, and she can find someone to solve the problem. You are her choice."

"So I was just her tool?" Twilight gets shocked.

"Yes, but you choose to take that destiny. She called that shell she created a 'cocoon', where she wish to hatch a new hope. I know, she's so mean that she just leave the problem for you to solve, and she won't need to think of it again." Delta says, "and she did think the problem too simple. She said that, she would make Equestria out of trouble, and everything will be perfect. Well, nothing can be perfect, right?"

"Maybe, I think." Twilight cries out.

"Anyway, I don't think I can comment on what Celestia did that much. When she said she want to make things perfect, I didn't agree, but anyway it's her choice. No matter good or bad, she just did it. But now it seems that the 'perfect' she created was already vanished." Delta says.

"And she just leave all her trouble on me." Twilight sobs.

"She can't control what you'll ended up doing, even though she forced you to face it. If this can make you feel any better, she trusted you, thus she leave the trouble for you to solve." Delta says.

"I don't know. All my life was set by her. She taught me in person, she made me a princess, and she let me to be in charge of Equestria. She made Equestria a peaceful place but that's a fake. She faked the whole Equestria to me. Maybe my life is also a fake, that she planned to create me just to be her tool." more tears come out from Twilight's eyes.

"But you yourself are real. There's no more Celestia, but you are still here. Just calm down, and maybe you can figure it out later. And remember, you are not Celestia, even if you have her power; and you can do whatever you want, even if it's a mistake: just follow your own 'perfect', which you can't really achieve, but you can still getting closer and closer." Delta says, leaving the room.

And Twilight just vents her magic in the room for no reason, so strong that Delta has to turn back and pulls Spike out of the room. Then Delta bars the door of the library and leaves.


An electron follows his route,

Living with a proton.

He's trapped,

But he can escape.

If he really wish to.


Equestria is a lie. Twilight is a victim. She has a fate, that nopony else will force her to follow now. She can be anything, even if she destroy the whole Equestria, nopony would blame her. Will she? She chose to protect Equestria, but if what she knew about Equestria is fake, how could she still protect it?

Thankfully, there's not a time limit, as there always won't be a time limit, because, if there will be a apocalypse anyway, it really doesn't matter how quick it got solved.

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