[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 5 - Limit is Perfect (Part 2)

So, what did Twilight and her friends find?


"Found something interesting today?" The arrows on the wall leads Twilight and all her friends into a giant hall with glass ceiling. Standing in the middle of the hall, Delta asks.

"I found a small library and read many books in it." Twilight says.

"I found a messy small garden and cleaned it." Apple Jack says.

"I found a room with whole bunch of strange food ingredients. It's fun tasting all of it. Oh! And I made a cake with those too!" Pinkie Pie says, carrying a cake that doesn't look quite eatable.

"I found a room with jewelries. It's dusty, so I polished all of them." Rarity says.

"I found Apple Jack in that garden and observed all the little critters inside." Fluttershy says.

"I fould a very empty room, larger than this, and just played some flying tricks inside." Rainbow Dash says.

"I'm with Twilight at that library. There's some very old-fashioned comics on one of the shelves." Spike says.

"All three of us are together all the time. We ended up be with Pinkie Pie at that room and helped her baking the cake. By the way, the cake she's carrying is really tasty." Sweetie Belle says.

"Seems like all of you have had some fun today. Now, Twilight, you can see the sun here. Try using that to contact Luna, if she's in charge of raising and lowering the sun now. I need you to lower the sun here. Don't ask why." Delta says.

Thinking and chewing mane for a while, suddenly Twilight shouts, "I know it! There's several magic I can mix together to create a new magic, which, theoretically should enable me to use the sun to transfer message to Luna!" As she starts casting the spell, her eye glows brightly, her mane and tail becomes flowing and shiny, and after a while, she shoots a thick and bright beam of magic with her horn to the sun.

Then with the beam still contacting, she floats up and lowers the sun to below horizon. As she floats down again, her eyes stop glowing, but her mane and tail is still flowing and shining. "Did ... I ... make ... it?" She says weakly.

"Impressive! Don't know how, but seems like you did it. Now you looks a lot more like Celestia with that flowing mane! Well, what did Luna tell you?" Delta says.

"That spell is just too hard to sustain for a long time. I didn't receive the second and further sentence she spoke." Twilight says.

"Well, maybe keep practicing and you can use that freely and easily. Oh by the way, we've already talked too long. Why not continue later, and we can have some cake now?" Delta says.

Just as Twilight opens her mouth, Pinkie sticks a piece of cake inside. Then same thing happens to Delta.


A photon bumps into a new room.

Pace is slower, route is altered,

It's still a photon.


Does this part make sense? Well, it depends. I kinda didn't say the reason out, but that doesn't mean there can never be a reason.

Anyway, maybe a god-like Twilight (in appearance) won't be as good as you think. Also, don't know if she would really keep her mane and tail floating and shiny.

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