[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 5 - Limit is Perfect (Part 1)

So ... What is "welcome home"?

Well, this is not from Fallout 4.

Or at least I didn't mean to.


Remove half of the water in a glass.

Repeat and repeat.

It never got emptied.


"You sure this is ... Eatable, Mr. Delta?" Facing a tray of dry leaves, Rarity says.

"Maybe not tasty, but well, I usually live alone, so I don't have anything proper to welcome you. Sorry." Delta says.

"So are you really Delta, the first alicorn?" Twilight asks, "and why do you know I'm a princess? And what happened to your wings and horn? And why are you live here?"

"Do you think he can answer all these in one speak?" Apple Jack says.

"Hah! So it seems that Equestria got a pretty curious princess now! Well, it doesn't hurt being curious." Delta says, "but why be so hurry? You must have had a long journey reaching here, so is it really important to get all the answer right away?"

"Well, I don't think there's much else we can do here." Twilight says.

"You know what? Not so many ponies have been such close to the sun for thousands of years. Why not just go explore here for some days? By the way, Celestia used to be very curious when she was here," Delta says, turning to Twilight, "well, you are just like her. How can I tell you are from Equestria? You come here from the Boundary Marsh, where almost all directing magic is restricted. You can track the sun inside, so you must have moved the sun for quite a lot of times. It used to be Celestia's job to raise and lower the sun, isn't it?"

"How can I disagree? Well, seems that only alicorns would remember Celestia now." Twilight says, "but why do you live in such a giant castle, but nopony else does? And why did Celestia come here before?"

"If thousands of years isn't enough for me to expand this castle, it won't be such large." Delta says, "but well, you will find more about it out soon. As of Celestia, the reason she came here should be similar to you: curious, of course!"

"But I'm not here to fulfill my curiosity, I --- " Twilight says.

"You are. Look at you, want to know everything." Delta interrupt her, "don't be so hurry, I will tell you anything you want, if I can. Also, my horn and wings got rotten quite some time ago since I don't need them anymore."

"Interesting. And you are right, maybe I'm here to fulfill my curiosity." Twilight says.

"Anyway, in order to calm you down first, now I won't answer you any more question. You can go exploring this castle, all of you. If you get lost, just follow the arrow on the wall, they all lead to a same place. I'll see you there when the sun is going to set." Delta says. "By the way, you can keep a record on what you've found if you want to find them back." He adds.


The end is certain.

The start is obvious.

What's between, depends.

Got confused? Well it's just Delta. He trolls a lot because he has practiced for thousands of years.

Well, since there's infinite ways to find the truth, his way is just one of them, one that actually not so efficient.

However, there's no such a measurement to tell if it's efficient or not.

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