[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 4 - Thermal Waste (Part 9)

Okay. Time to leave the marsh. 

What's on the other side? It will not be a myth anymore. Or at least, not be a myth to the Mane 6 and CMC.


"So you sure you can track the sun here? Nopony else can track the sun or the moon here." Herb says.

"Yes. So, we are going to leave. Anypony want to join?" Twilight says.

"Actually, since almost everypony that traveled to here isn't an adventurer. So, I don't think they would like to leave. Well, since we got so used to here, even though the life is hard, we don't want to leave." Herb says.

"So ... Good bye, then. Actually, I got used to here too, but I can't stay here. We are still adventurers that heading towards the destination, and Equestria needs me. Maybe sometime in the future, we can still come back here." Twilight says.

Then, Twilight covers herself with fire, and lead her friends out of the town.


"Are we there yet?" Apple Bloom says.

"I don't know. But what does matter? There's plenty of food and water here, and I and Fluttershy can keep all of you healthy." Twilight says.

"Of course you won't matter! You can spend three whole day re-shelving all your books!" Apple Bloom says.

"Well, among all three of you, who decided to travel towards the sun?" Twilight says.

"Actually, it's me. Okay. At least in some way, traveling in this dangerous marsh is more interesting than on a vast plain." Apple Bloom says.


"Ahhhh! Quick, put off the fire on me!" As they are walking, suddenly the fire on Twilight gets a lot higher and brighter. Apple Jack quickly pulls out a rug and throw it on Twilight.

Then Rarity removes the rug, and starts tidying Twilight's mane, "are you okay, darling?" She says.

"Well ... I think so ..." Twilight answers in a weak voice.

"What happened?" Fluttershy asks.

"Eh ...  Oh there's some wind here. And the air is a lot less humid." Twilight says.

"And a lot less smelly." Rarity adds.

"Does this mean ---" Sweetie Belle says excitedly.

"Yes! We are going out! Let's start running, or flying, whatever, and have some deep-breathe!" Twilight says.

"Yay --- !" Fluttershy says loudly.

"Hello, fresh air!" Pinkie Pie screams out.


"Wow, the sun looks so big here when it's rising! ... Eh, who's there?" Passing the edge of the marsh, Twilight says, spotting a pony.

"Welcome home, princess." That pony says.


Everything can be planned,

Except one's heart.

But that's included, too.


Who's that pony out there? Well, it should be obvious. But I'll say that in the next chapter. At least, well, that's not me. I don't have the plan to let myself be in the story.

Now, finally, they are going to reach the origin of the sun. And I can finally finish this chapter. Next chapter won't be this long, maybe.

Oh by the way, do you think that the wet is really the main cause of the disease they got?

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