[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 4 - Thermal Waste (Part 8)

Anyone knows what's on the other side of the marsh? 

Well if there's any record, maybe it would not be Boundary Marsh.

So, don't know what ridiculous things Twilight would do in order to get out.

But maybe not now.


"So ... How are we supposed to leave here now? We can't even leave this town for too long!" Apple Jack says.

"And how can we not get lost?" Fluttershy says.

"For direction, I can still track the position of the sun very well, even if I can't see it," Twilight says, covered in fire, "but, how can we overcome the wet here? Set everyone on fire?"

"Twilight Sparkle, you see, I only set you on fire because you are an alicorn and you should be better at overcoming extreme environment. Thankfully that old legend isn't wrong, or I might have already killed a princess," Flare says, "but few other ponies are immune to fire. I'm one, but most of us here aren't."

"Then how can we overcome the wet?" Twilight asks.

"I think the solution would be simple. If you insist to try leave the marsh, wait until I teach you how to cure yourself, and all of your friends. You should be capable of this, since you are the only pony I've seen read all my books in just one sit ..." Flare says.

"Yeah, after all it's Twilight." Apple Jack says.

"I think Fluttershy can join and learn too. Right?" Apple Bloom says, turning her head towards Fluttershy.

"Yes. Although I usually care animals, caring ponies should be fine too." Fluttershy says.

"Looks like we need to stay here for some days." Twilight says.


"Wow, can't believe you learn all these in one day, Twilight. Thankfully you want to leave, or I would lost my job here!" At the end of the day Twilight starts learning, Flare says.

"If it's just all these, then it would be fine. I've studied magic for years." Twilight says.

"Well, seems that you are good at learning things. I'm sure practicing these until you can use them fluently would also take you like no time!" Flare says.

"Maybe. After all you have been doing this job for years, I'm just a newcomer. Well, seems that your job here is important, isn't it?" Twilight says.

"Actually, my job was supposed to be only provide fire in these extreme environment, since without treatment, anything is inflammable here. But I decided to do some research on chemistry, just because I can."

"So your job being the fire provider is more important than being a chemist, even if the latter one is a more useful skill?"

"Well, the former one is essential to everypony's life, while the latter one just makes the life better. Just like the food here. Berries are tasty, but at here, if you don't eat leaves, you can't survive. And that's the reason why I still put a lot of effort researching better way to get fire, instead of inventing other chemicals."

"I see. Well, for me, being the princess that dealing with papers in the castle is more important than being the princess that travelling around. The more important job is usually more boring."

"Depends. When there's enough pony helping me, I can devote more time researching than producing. Aren't you setting all your jobs aside and having an adventure now?"

"Actually I used to can't quite sure everything would work fine, and concern a lot. Now I think Equestria can be fine without me for a while."

"You see, this town is pretty small. It's so small that we don't even have somepony to be in charge of it. We always ask somepony else if they have spare time, when we want to do something else for a while, and everypony is willing to offer a hoof if he can."

"But won't you have some risk doing this?"

"We have. But if somepony breaks the rule, he won't receive help from other ponies either. And without help, you almost can't survive here. Maybe you are an exception, but thankfully you don't seem to attempt breaking the rule here."

"Why would I?"

"You won't, but you can. Actually I can, too, but it would be too hard for me to face the challenge on my own even if I can. You know that too, right?"

"Yes. And thank you for teaching me all these."

"You are welcome. Tomorrow you and your friends might need to go collecting food outside the town too, and since you can cure ponies too, you would need to lead a group. Also, there's something Herb can teach you. So, get some rest now, Twilight, otherwise you won't have enough energy to survive or learn here."

"Okay. See you tomorrow then, Flare!"


A bite of a sample,

A world in another world.


I almost want to draw a Fire-Twi out. Not the Ponyta Twilight though.

Also, they should be able to leave anytime now. Unless Twilight don't want to.

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