[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 4 - Thermal Waste (Part 6)

Now here goes a very mysterious place. 

Somewhere somehow a little like Everfree, except no pony would really want to go in or out, or at least no pony has gone out yet. Reason? Well, let's see. And yes, Twilight would eventually go out, although it should be pretty hard to do so.

And, maybe she could spot some familiar faces here.


"Here it is," Spark says, "Boundary Marsh's ahead, and as you see, there's great fog there, and tree's are very high. We've never and won't ever go across it, so, good luck on your way, I have to say."

"Thank you for taking us here. It really save us quite a few time. And, thanks for all your kindness towards us during these days we stay on board." Twilight says.

"And thank you for shelving all these old books. We really didn't expected that there would be a day that these book got shelved." Leafy says, "and for your journey ahead, since you are probably going to get through the marsh anyway, I have to warn you that, nopony really know what's inside, since there's not a single record of somepony getting out of the marsh."

"But this should be no problem for you, since you are all brave fellow travelers, and there's a lot you've gone through. Good luck again." Spark says.

Then, after some more brief good-byes, Twilight and her friends gets all the stuffs packed up, leaves the ship and head into the marsh.


"You sure you didn't get the wrong direction?" Apple Jack says.

"Pretty sure. I'm, I mean I was the pony who raise and lower the sun every day, and I can track the sun better than anypony else." Twilight says.

"If you say so." Rainbow says.


"Doesn't this look familiar?" Apple Jack says.

"There are trees and water everywhere. It's pretty natural to see something familiar." Twilight says.


"Who's out there?" A voice comes out from nowhere.

"Who, we?" Fluttershy says, almost going to scream.

"New here? Why did you enter?"

"We are heading for where the sun is!" Twilight says.

"Wait. Sun? Isn't it eternal night outside?"

"For what we know, it used to be, but no more. Actually, we have the alicorn princess who raises the sun here!" Spike says.

"Anyway, You sure you can handle this?"

"Of course we can," Spike says, "this can't be hard, right, Twilight? ... Twilight? Are you okay?! All of you too?! What should I do?!"

A pony suddenly jump out of the shadow. She inspected Twilight. "This is not good. Newcomers usually can't bear this extremely wet environment for too long. Thankfully it seems that you are immune to this."

"Now what should I do?" Spike says awkwardly.

The pony glances around. Then she says, "remove what's not important on that trailer and get them on. I will pull them to our town."

"Let me see. These are tents, sleeping bags, extra firewood, food and water on the trailer. No valuable stuffs. So I should remove ..." Checking the trailer, spike says.

"Firewood are useless here. Food should be easy to gather around, and there's no need for water now. Remove these." The pony says.

"Okay." Spike says.

Getting every pony on the trailer, the pony starts pulling it forward.


Water, generous as cure,

dangerous as poison.


Climate and environment really are the biggest enemy for newcomers.

Anyway, Twilight should be able to wake up soon, but what remains unknown is that, whether they can leave the marsh or not.

At least they will try to leave.

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