[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 4 - Thermal Waste (Part 5)

Let's just get some story on the ship, about the ship.


"Finally, we are here. A little dusty though, but this room should be good enough for a princess, if you don't mind the lacking of fancy stuffs." Echo says.

It's a big room at the end of the ship, under the deck. "Actually, I'm the first princess of Equestria that don't wear royal accessories daily. So it should be fine," Twilight says, "but why there's so many desks, chairs and beds here, with piles of books?"

"This used to be the schoolhouse and here. However, several decades ago, they decided that school should be in fresh air with open playground, thus the school was moved to a building on deck. And since there's a new library somewhere else now,  here is just the place old books goes, since the room is so big that even with these books, there's still plenty of room to live. If you don't like it, we can get you another room, smaller though." Echo says.

"Oh come on! This is Twilight, who can spend three whole day just to re-shelf her books once a month!" Spike says.

"Year, when we leave, all these books might already got re-shelved too." Rainbow says.

"Shouldn't we start cleaning the dust here now?" Apple Jack says.


"Oh it's a great honor we can have the princess who brings us the sun here on board!" Later that day, quite a few ship crews go to the room and they start a welcome party. The captain gets so excited just for meeting Twilight.

"It's very kind of you to allow us stay on board for a while too." Twilight says.

"Here on board, we welcome every fellow travelers. Sure most of us live all the time on this ship, but there's quite a few fellow travelers here too. And we always be kind to each other, no matter how high our rank is. This may be the reason why everypony here is happy and optimistic, even though we live a very simple life and we usually can't go anywhere else when the ship is moving." The captain says, "by the way, I'm Captain Drifting Leaf, although everypony can and usually just call me Leafy. Silly name, huh? I'm actually okay with this."

"Also, I think you can stay with us for three weeks, if you need to go towards the sun. So, hope you enjoy the trip here! I'm Spark Spin, the navigator and mapper here. If you need maps, find me and I can help you copy some." Spark says.


A pigeon can find his home,

So long the home exists.

This should be okay. Next time Twilight would face something, well, quite mysterous, I have to say. 

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