[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 4 - Thermal Waste (Part 4)

At least this time I'm writing on something I'm more familiar with.

Well not that really, but the tiniest bit is still larger than nothing. And, for me, a great chance to enrich the backstory.


"Welcome board, princess Twilight Sparkle!" standing on the Airship "Lux", Echo String says.

"Just Twilight is fine." Twilight says, glancing around, "wow, this is such a large ship! Are you guys really live here eveyday?"

"Yup, this is our homeland, no matter where the ship goes. Actually I was born on this ship, and it's said that our whole family has settled down here for more than two centuries." Echo says.

"Attention everybody, the ship starts moving. The acceleration will last for half an hour, and please be aware not to get off the ship by accident!" Goes the loud broadcast on ship.

"Rainbow Dash, I think you should get your hooves down to the board. It's not safe to hover around when the ship is accelerating, and you'd better not leave the board before the acceleration stops. At the mean time, I think we should head for the residential department to get you a room so you can live in while being aboard." Echo says.


"Didn't expected that there will be some new travelers on board. Even didn't expected that we got an alicorn around," The clerk at the residential department says, "how did you ever meet them, Echo?"

"Well, luck, I think. And even better, this is not a regular alicorn, this is a princess, and she raises the sun for us!" Echo says joyfully.

"Hey!" Twilight says loudly to Echo.

"Hahaha! Then we should get you a room that is royal enough!" the clerk says loudly, then he lower down his voice, "well by saying royal, I just mean larger, because you know, fancy stuffs ain't quite the style here. But anyway, enjoy your time here during the trip!"

Then he flip through several pages on a book, suddenly raises his pitch, "ah ha! This is perfect!" He goes into the inner room, then comes out with a giant key and a piece of paper, "here is the key. Echo, you should know where the room is, so take them there. After that, you can gather some ponies there and have a welcome party!"

"Won't let you down, sir!" Echo says in a funny voice.

"Nah. We are not even in the same department! Well, I'm Ferric Ion. You can call me Ferrum. I'm in charge of residence and local security. Come meet me if you need some help. Echo's my childhood friend, so he always make jokes on me."

"Well, a pony with such a chemical name but not good at chemistry, can be a lot of jokes." Echo says in a even funnier voice, then he switches to his regular voice, "anyway, I think we should head for your living place now. See'ya, Ferrum!"


A dandelion seed's journey is short.

But the wind still offers a push.


Oops, even this part can't conclude the journey on ship. So goes one more part tomorrow!

Well, hopefully this ship is interesting enough. Although I can't just write about this ship forever, even though I do love the concept of it XD

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