[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 4 - Thermal Waste (Part 3)

Seriously, how long will it take to reach the origin of the sun...

At least the answer is not forever, since this world is a flat one.


"We will follow you anyway, but do you really think this is a good idea?" Apple Jack says.

"Honestly, I have no idea. But heading for a specific direction is a good choice I guess? Since even if we are not doing this we still don't know how to go back to Equestria." Twilight says.

Days after days, they walk towards the sun. They do have everything they need packed, but they can't take much food, water and firewood around. And therefore, it's a very tough journey.

"At least this is adventure, because we can't ever know what will happen next!" Rainbow Dash says.

"Oh Rainbow Dash's right, we can still have fun now! Although I know this doesn't sound quite exciting to even me." Pinkie Pie says.

"Well thanks, Pinkie. I think we can be optimistic, and just enjoy our way there." Twilight says.


"Sorry!" One day when they are walking, something drops from above their heads.

Twilight looks up. There are several wagons and trailers pulled by pegasus above them.

A unicorn pops his head out from one of the wagons, "fellow travelers?" He teleports himself down to ground, looking at Twilight, "an alicorn too?"

"Yes? Well we are travelling towards the sun." Twilight says.

"Hah! Then you may want to pay a visit to our ship. Currently we go towards the sun too! By the way, I'm Echo String, from Airship 'Lux'. We are here to set a camp and cup some logs, since we can't get supplies too soon and we need more logs than expected on the ship. My job here is to take charge of this team and check the quality of the wood before cutting."

"So, is it really okay for us to get on the ship? That might save us for quite a lot of times." Twilight says.

"We always welcome some new comers, even those who just want to take a short trip with us by chance." Echo says.

"And, would you want some help cutting logs? I think my friends and I are willing to help, and we can go to the ship earlier. Right, girls?" Twilight says.

"Of course!" Goes all her friends' voice.

"Thank you. It's so kind and generous of you!" Echo says, gratefully.


They set down a camp. For three days, Echo examine every trees and pick the good quality ones' to let other ponies cut and process the log. Before cutting every tree, Fluttershy will also examine if there's little creatures living on the tree, and sometimes asking them to move to another tree before cutting.

And then, they pack up all their stuffs, load every logs, and head towards where the ship is.


A woodpecker meets a tree.

They live together and protect each other.

Although someday they might apart.


Well, can't quite find a bird that migrate as well as eats insects on a tree.

So, actually trees lives longer than woodpecker, and maybe it fits here?

Anyway, Lux will be the next place the mane 6 goes, but not the last location. And there will be at least 3 more parts in this chapter.

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