[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 4 - Thermal Waste (Part 2)

So here something new would happen. Although it's out of Twilight's knowledge.

And yes, I won't cover what Twilight doesn't know here.

Which means you should analyze anything I wrote on your own XD


"So let's start. Whatever you want to know, if I can answer, I will." The inn keeper says.

"Thank you, miss ... " Twilight says.

"Sealed Grain. Well, actually they usually don't say my name out, and just order what they want right away, princess." The inn keeper says.

"Just call me Twilight. It seems that ponies in this town usually aren't quite happy before I came." Twilight says.

"There aren't many exciting things happen here. We plant and bake our own foods, and we can get everything we need in this town. Sometimes there will be some new-borns and some deaths, but this town hasn't changed much for such a long time, at least since I came here." Grain says.

"I can see. Almost everypony here is an earth pony. Even travelers are rare here, right?"

"Yes. And having an alicorn coming by is even rarer. I still remember my first year here. They treated me like monster since I was the only pegasi here."

"It must be very hard for you. So if you are not born in this town, why did you come here?"

"Actually I was travelling with my parents in caravans at that time. When we reaches here, I wandered in the town for too long and when I went back to the camp, they had already set off, and they never come back. Actually, there's almost no travelers since then." Grain says calmly, although it's obvious that she feels sad when saying these.

"So what's after that?" Twilight asks.

"Feeling lonely, and the silence in this town, I decided to start an inn here. I do want to make them happy, and hopefully I can meet my parents again. I have my name and my mark since then." Grain says.

"You have your name after you got your cutie mark?"

"Don't know what 'cutie mark' is, but most ponies, including me, stop using our born name and set ourselves new names and marks after we decided which destiny we want to go. And the mark will then show up on our flanks like tattoos, forever showing everyone else our destiny and desire. Is there anything different in your kingdom, eh ..."

"Equestria? Well we get cutie marks after we found our talents. And the cutie marks represent those talents. And we always use our born names. Well, anyway, I want to know something about the sun. Why did you say that I bring back the sun?" Twilight decided to switch to another topic, because she's not sure how cutie mark works either.

"Ever since I can remember, there's always been night time. The moon just hung there for years, and the sun was actually a legend at that time. It's said that the sun was gone for centuries, and we just sleep at a regular interval, that everyone can feel in our heart and we called that inteval 'a day'. But several weeks before, one day when I woke up, I saw the moon moving towards the horizon, and the sun rises. It's strange that I could recognize it as the sun, despite that it was the first time I see it with my own eye."

Picking some foods, mostly rice grains, she continues saying, "life here become much easier then, since we don't need to use that much fire. We did adapt ourselves for a while, but it's a short period of time. Everyone says that the god has offered a miracle. And then you come here."

"But that doesn't explain why everypony here immediately trusts that I'm the one who raises the sun." Twilight says.

"Maybe you got so used to it, but everypony here can feel the warmth in you and your frineds. And after that you do show them how they want their god to be."

"Well, haven't expected that. I thought that the sun raising ritual is just a duty for the chairman of Equestria." Twilight says.

"But we all need some belief." Grain says.

"One more thing. Do you know how I can figure our what happens to Equestria, and how I can go back to Equestria?" Twilight asks.

"I'm afraid I don't have the ability to help you. But it's said that, Delta, the first alicorn, knows everything, and he lives where the sun is. Maybe you should try asking him, if he does exist." Grain says.

"Then I think I have to go." Twilight says.


When the first beam of ray touches the ground,

Hibernation ends,

And another seedling breaks through the dirt.


This should be a long chapter. Maybe 6 or even 8 parts.

Otherwise the title "Thermal Waste" would not make any sense.

Also, I think I would write 7 chapters in total. 

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