[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 4 - Thermal Waste (Part 1)

Yup. The Mane 6 are gonna have a real adventure now.

An adventure that Twilight didn't want to have.


A cog can yield more possibility.

Although it's not free.


"Are you really a princess?" A pony asks.

"Yes. She's a princess in Equestria." Spike says, proudly. A moment ago, Twilight and her friends were spotted crashing on the ground, and they were leaded to the nearby town. Now they are at the inn in town. Everypony inside are attracted by the fact that there's an alicorn in the inn, and starts asking Twilight about herself.

"So what's your daily life like?" Another pony asks.

"Well, I used to be the princess of friendship, that my focus was on friendship problems within Equestria. After that, one day I started taking charge of the whole Equestria, as well as raising and lowering the sun," Twilight says, "and now, in the day, I ---"

"Wait, did you say raising the sun?" The inn keeper says, "no wonder we get sunlight again! Let's celebrate now, and say thank you to this princess who brings back the sun to us!"

And the cheering sound blasts through the whole inn.

"Eh ... I got confused. "Twilight says, not knowing what to do next. Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack help the innkeeper serving foods and drinks to other ponies, and all the other of her friends quickly blend in with other ponies. And it seems that almost every pony in town squeezes into the inn, making it the most crowded day in town for quite a long time.

"I will talk to you about this later, but would you take the honor and join the celebration now? This has been the happiest day here ever since I start keeping this inn." The inn keeper whispers to Twilight.

"If you say so ... Yes, I guess? I'm always happy to see other ponies happy." Twilight says.

Excitedly, the inn keeper roars out, "attention everypony! Our princess agrees to celebrate with us! Let's get everypony in town to have the biggest party ever in our town!" then she lowers down her voice and talks to Twilight, "I think you'd better go to the town square now, otherwise those ponies would stomp my inn to the ground."


So at the town square, literally everypony in town gathers there and have all kinds of celebration. They eat and drink, and chat and make new friends with each other. Some of them also start performing the best trick of theirs and everypony laughs joyfully.

At the centre of the square, everypony forms a line to meet Twilight. They hug her, brohoof her, and bring gifts to her, and so on. Twilight answers to all those ponies, and occasionally also perform some small magic trick to let the whole line laugh, all these with smile on her face.

And the party lasts for the whole day.


Rises the sun,

Spins the circle of life.


How much can a princess offer?

Maybe just bringing up the sun is enough.

Don't know if the sun ray can beam to everywhere though.

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