[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 3 - Dawn Fog (Part 3)

Well, I don't think the adventure would really be that good ...

And well, is her policy really okay enough to not cause huge problem?


"Twilight, are you really gonna that that many books?" Spike says.

"Well anything can happen on the way, so I have to prepare for every possibilities."

"Then you should carry all these on your own."

Twilight lifts the pile of books. Then she can't move her hooves or her wings.

"Fine." Twilight puts the books down, "I'll just take a notebook and a map book."


"Hi Twilight!" Pinkie Pie smiles at Twilight, "can we start now?"

"Have you all already prepared?" Twilight asks to all her friends.

"I think so," Fluttershy says, "and we actually don't need to take a lot of things with us, since we are just travelling in Equestria, not to somewhere dangerous, right?"

"Yes. It would be too difficult for us to take too many stuffs with us." Twilight says.

"Unless I agreed to carry her books." Spike adds.


They reaches Pinkie's air balloon. "Eh ... What's that giant antenna thingy on the balloon do?" Apple Jack asks.

"You see, I need to always have a good connection to the mail grid, otherwise I won't be able to react to emergency fast," Twilight says delightfully, "and this is my solution! By taking an antenna around, I can stay connected to the mail grid!"

"I don't think this is a good idea, sugarcube." Just after Apple Jack done saying, the antenna breaks in two halves, and the top half falls down.

"See?" Apple Jack says.

"Forget it." Twilight rolls her eyes.


"Ahhhhh, what's these winds for?" Flying east, the balloon suddenly get caught in a strong wind, and Twilight screams.

"After you stop the weather team from maintaining every weather, this can happen sometimes, and it's too strong to deal with only three of us who have wings!" Rainbow Dash yells out.

"Everypony, and dragon, hold the rope!" Pinkie Pie shouts.

Lost control, the balloon flies for a long distance, and crashes heavily at the ground. There's just enough time for Twilight to cast the protection spell.


"And ... Where we are now?" After the dust is cleared, Twilight says. She's got totally puzzled.

"I'm feeling very bad." Fluttershy speaks loudly.


"Is that an alicorn?" A voice suddenly comes out of nowhere.


Sometimes there would be a piece of dust

out of nowhere in a cloud.

However, that dust

creates a raindrop.


Poor Twilight. You think you can just play it safe? Let's give you a real adventure.

And sorry, I don't think you are able to deal with emergency in Equestria so easily now ...

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