[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 3 - Dawn Fog (Part 2)

Well, let's just see what Twilight did, and whether it works well.


"Twilight, would you have a flight with me?" Rainbow Dash asks.

"Eh ... don't see why not." Twilight says.


"You don't look so good, Rainbow. What's wrong?" Twilight asks to Rainbow.

"Well, are you sure not having pegasus to maintain the weather unless having emergency is a good idea? And since you don't need daily report anymore, I feel ... well, having nothing to do." Rainbow says with a sigh.

"I don't know, but Zecora asks me to have a try."

"Maybe Zecora's right, but it's not like you. You took charge of everything pretty well, and now you just don't want to care about these, and ask us to not take care of as well?"

"I didn't say I'm not in charge anymore. Things just getting more and more ridiculous, but seems to not as harmful as I thought. If it's true, maybe I can focus on more important things?"

"Any way, if you are sure what you're doing, I'm fine. But my life now is just getting too boring. Do you have any work I can help?"

"I think I didn't consider the occupation situation that well. It's my fault."

"It is your fault. There's a lot of news about jobless ponies after you published the new policy."

"Well, I think I should consider that later. Oh wait ... I think we can have a long journey around Equestria. I can still do my job on the way, and you, as well as all our friends, won't be boring? What do you think?"

"Awesome! But is it really okay for you to be out of your castle for a long time?"

"I think so. Or, hope so."


"Looks like I have to help you raise the sun for quite some time. Well, anyway, since you also help me lower the moon many times, I think they already get used to having only one princess to manage both the sun and moon? Just be sure you can handle your works outside your castle." Luna says.


"If you think it necessary to have a long journey, then I'm happy to join. But I need to be back to the farm before harvest season, because, well, you know how important that is don't you? But well, since we got a lot of jobless earth ponies to help us in the farm, it should be fine without me." Apple Jack says.


"Oh this would be a good chance for me to get some inspiration on fashion! I have trained quite a few jobless unicorns in sewing so the production should be fine." Rarity says.

"Oh Rarity's gonna come with us ..." Spike says.


"Just count me in and we can have fun all day on the way!" Pinkie Pie says.


"Um ... If my friends can have more fun when I'm in, then I would go. Don't worry, there's many pegasus that willing to help taking care of all the animals." Fluttershy says.

"So we are all in," Twilight says delightfully, "and let's say, everypony gather in my castle tomorrow morning!"

"Wee!" Goes Pinkie's voice.

"Oh my little princess, finally willing to go out of her castle?"


"Oh yes. Don't worry, just have fun on the way. The whole Equestria would be fine without you in your castle!"

"You ---"

"Discord, don't you think this is too much?" Fluttershy speaks loudly.

"Oops. Anyway, Princess Twilight Sparkle, you have to see what's outside your books and all those papers. I know you can get a lot in the journey. And also, just call me anytime you need, I know you trust me more than your princess teacher." Discord says in his signature voice.

"So you do know Celestia. I'm not surprised, because you are Discord. And, thank you, anyway. Just don't make any trouble for me." Twilight says.

"Oh why would I want to trouble you? But no master of chaos will make a promise." Discord says.

"Well, you are just ... Discord. Word accepted." Twilight says, rolling her eyes.


Stars align,

But no lines between.

Electrons in wire roll,

But still following the flow.



Yup, just get out of books and watch the real world. 

And things can sorted themselves out quite well, at least usually.

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