[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 3 - Dawn Fog (Part 1)

Let's say, Twilight really doesn't like having changes. But her responsibility is to deal with those changes. She doesn't like it, but she does it.


The sky isn't always bright.

The math isn't always accurate.

Things can happen or not happen.

But at least math can usually provide what's most accurate.


"Wow, it's pretty rainy today. So strange, why would they plan a rain today?" As usual, Twilight wakes up early, and it sounds like there has been a rain all night long.

She crosses the rain and fog to Canterlot, and raises the sun as usual. Strangely, it takes her more energy to do so, and the sun looks brighter than before.

"Well, maybe I'm pushing myself too much, and I need more rest." After raising the sun, she talks to Luna.

"I think so. And I think I'm too tired too. Yesterday I even got tired before reaching the moon. Hopefully there's not much nightmare last night." Luna says.

"Maybe you should go and rest right away then. Hopefully I don't have to wait you up for something." Twilight says.


"What do you mean by saying you didn't plan the rain?" In the weather factory, Twilight asks.

"You see, Princess Twilight, we usually plan the weather and decide which day to have rain or not. But we didn't start this rain. It seems that the rain starts itself ..." The managerĀ of the weather factory says.

"So this is pretty strange ... well at least this rain didn't make anything go wrong, so you don't need to take any action." Twilight says.


At the site of Tree of Harmony, Twilight is only with Zecora. "The tree, or the candle, already gone, and just nothing but a random rain happens?" Twilight asks.

"With no tree, the world is out of your control, but it doesn't always mean things would get worse, as they still know what they worth," Zecora says, "so my pony friend, you might want to get something changed. Just let go something and watch the trend: how good it can end, hard to believe you might find. And if too big the bad is, the chance to act is still yours."

FiguredĀ out what Zecora said, "thank you, Zecora. Now I think I know what I shall do!" Twilight says gratefully.


Wet, muddy,

The ground is still solid

when there is a rain.



Celestia had everything under her control. Can Twilight do so?

Or, will Twilight do so?

Zecora knows a lot, but is she still right this time?

4 thoughts on “[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 3 - Dawn Fog (Part 1)

  1. OldenEmpire

    Letting go of what control you have over nature seems like a absolutely silly idea to me. Be more proactive instead reactive. Then again i'm not in this story.

    1. FlameRat

      Think of market economy. Sometimes less effort by manager can yield better result.

      It's not equal to "just let go everything and chaos can be the omnipotent solusion". It's just that, no need to overprotect what can naturally grow well. Plus, it's just harder to control, not out of control. (Well I think that's what you want to tell me.)

      For example, usually the weather is just good enough, or not so bad that really requires some treatment. So, no need to have a team of pegasus to make every weather. (In "shelled" Equestria it's a must since the environment can't reach the point when there can be natural weather, but in "un-shelled" Equestria, it's not that necessary.)

      1. OldenEmpire

        Yes, but this isn't a factory or a shop, it's a country we are talking about. One of the worst things a nation's leadership can be while in the midst of a crisis, which i'd say this qualifies as one, even if it seems no else cares, is unresponsive.

        Harder just means it's harder work. Not something that shouldn't be done unless it starts costing lives. I'm sure that regular Equestria has also had some hard to control weather patterns as well.

        That might be the case for us over here, but personally I think with centuries of weather control the pegasi have gotten pretty good at manipulating the weather and using it to it's fullest extent. Just to use a simple example we have X number of clouds in the sky that contain a total of Y gallons of rain. We also have A fields of crop B that require C gallons of water to be productive with a logistic curve. In addition to that we also have D fields of crop E that require F gallons of water to be productive with a logistic curve. We have to find to most efficient manner to move our water to our crop fields and water them so we can get the most crop yield while generating the least amount of work for our pegasi flight teams. If we suddenly start changing the equations and variables then everything changes and we might be wasting water that we could otherwise be using to increase the productivity of other areas. The idea of controlled weather is just a enormous idea to grasp.

        1. FlameRat

          In my philosophy, I consider it more important to know what's able to naturally follow the rule, and what's not, so that the limited amount of effort can be spent on what needs most, instead of just make everything under control. Aka, don't put a plant in a greenhouse, if it's strong enough to survive and can grow well in the storm outside.

          For the weather, maybe without maintenance, the weather will be more random, but overall the amount should be fine, and just take action when there's a flood or drought, and it should be fine.


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