[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 2 - Zero Sum (Part 2)

When the timeline is altered, maybe making sure what has changed is better?

Even if it's not that easy to do so.

Well, I think Twilight can figure some part out.


"You seems to be so strange today, Twilight!" Apple Jack says, "firstly you made an emergency call to all of us just to ask us a strange question, now you need all of us to follow you into the Everfree Forest?"

"Although you might not know at all, there might be something important in the forest, and I need to check that. Would you trust me for this time?" Twilight says.

"If you say so ..." Rarity says, "then we won't let our friend face the danger alone would we?"


They reaches where the Tree of Harmony should be. The tree is still there, but half broken, and there's a lot of cracks on the trunk. Twilight tries using a spell on the tree to see the effect.

The tree glows, and all the cracks start curing. Then all the branches fall off, leaving only a pale trunk in the place. Twilight feels a flow of energy going into her body.

And then, the tip of the trunk is lit as if it's a giant candle.

"This might be the last bit of energy Celestia left in the Tree of Harmony," Luna says, "it looks like a candle, so ... maybe after the whole trunk burns out, the shell would collapse? Then I don't know what would happen."

"So ---" Pinkie Pie makes a deep breathe and starts saying, "you was a student of a princess we don't know and she protect the whole Equestria with some sort of cell and this shell is going to collapse which means something bad may happen?"

Twilight was surprised. "How did you know that?" She says.

"Just a guess!" Pinkie says, hopping around.


Then they goes to Zecora's hut. "What makes you here, my pony frineds? Preparation, I haven't got a chance." She says.

"Zecora, I know you know a lot of things. Do you have any knowledge about this?" Twilight says, using her magic to show the picture of the undamaged and already broken Tree of Harmony.

"This is beyond what I know," after thinking for a bit, Zecora says, "full of mystery it seems to hold. For what I've see, should not exist here does this tree; the key and cure is within thee, so it's no use to ask me."


"So after taking us to the tree thingy, and asking the crazy Zecora about it, now you take us to this old castle for what?" Rainbow Dash says.

"Maybe I should stay behind ..." Flutter squeaks out.

"You should know this place better than me, so would you lead the way please, Luna?" Twilight asks.

They go straight to where should be the two sisters' bedroom. They found the diary of the two sisters'.

After glancing through the entire diary, Luna says, "this looks like what I wrote before Celestia banished me, but Celestia was referred as an imaginary sister that only I can see. And those words saying what she did were already heavily blurred. Also, the part she wrote was completely gone."


Every piece of clue showing the existence of Celestia does cheer Twilight and Luna up, but it's so faded away and confusing, that their hope is as blurred.

Standing in a familiar world, everything looks unfamiliar to them.


Glimmering the candlelight,

The sun can rise

after it burns out.



Although there won't be a disaster that the Mayan forecast, without a greenhouse, maybe the life would turns upside down somehow?

I don't know.

But there won't always be a greenhouse available, that's for sure.

2 thoughts on “[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 2 - Zero Sum (Part 2)

  1. OldenEmpire

    "And those words saying what she did were already heavily blurred. Also, the part she wrote was completely gone" Isn't this a bit contradictory to itself? More clarity might be needed here.

    A touch more description might help as well. Remember, 'showing not telling', or at least that's what my English teacher has said to me.

    1. FlameRat

      I think it's already clear enough. It means that only words mention Celestia (or actually, Luna's imaginary sister) can be read in the diary, the words describing what Celestia did can't be read since it's blurred. (If you read some SCP documents before you might know what I meant.) Also it shows that only the part Luna wrote is remained in the diary.

      Since only Luna read the book, I'd rather let Luna to describe it out. I kinda focus on the scene's main character's point of view (usually Twilight's), (like, in this scene, everyone except Luna only know what Luna said, but Luna would only point out what she considered important), instead of "god's view", except in those italic parts.


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