[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 2 - Zero Sum (Part 1)

Now the story gets a little more interesting... Hopefully.


At the very beginning, the world is all void.

So the sum is zero.

Then, there's positive and negative. There's variety.

But the sum is still zero.


"Princess Celestia, please wake up and have your breakfast."

"Princess Celestia?"

"I need to tell Princess Luna immediately."


Twilight flies into Celestia's room, almost crashing into Luna. "What's wrong with Celestia?" She says in a hurry, turning her head towards Celestia.

Chunks of Celestia's mane are missing. The rest looks more pale than usual.

"I think that's it for Celestia. She can't hold on any longer I guess," Luna says in a calm voice, "but if you can, please don't forget that you are Celestia's most faithful student, and you are in charge of Equestria."

"I still don't get the point. What will happen to Celestia?" Twilight asks.

"I'm not certain either, and I really don't want to think of it. But we are going to know, or, we have to know soon." Luna says, with a sigh, "you'd better hug her once more, since I don't know if we can do it again."

Twilight hugs Celestia, although she doesn't have much reaction. After Twilight's ascent, Celestia didn't get better, so did the Tree of Harmony.


Suddenly, part by part, Celestia's body starts vanishing. Before Twilight and Luna can react, their sight quickly get blurred. Then, when they finally can see things clearly again, Celestia has completely vanished, as if she wasn't exist in the first place.

"What happened?" Twilight asks, "where's Celestia?"

"Who is Celestia?" Spike asks.

Twilight is confused. "Maybe it is true, the old legend." Luna says, "I think we should go and meet your friends to further confirm it."

"Spike, do you remember my Ponyville friends? Could you send letters to gather them to my castle?" Twilight asks Spike.

"Twilight, are you okay? How could I forget our friends! But who is Celestia, anyway?" Spike says.

"Nevermind, just send the letter, and then we need to go." Twilight says.

Quickly carbon copy five copies of the letter, Spike sends those letters with his fire. Then they hurriedly fly to Twilight's castle, and enter the cutie map room.


All five of her friends are already there. "Twilight! Luna! Want some cake?" Pinkie Pie asks loudly, with cakes in her mouth.

"What's so emergency that let you call us all?" Apple Jack asks.

Pants a bit, Twilight sits down and asks, "I know this question might be silly. But do you remember Princess Celestia?"

"Eh... Who is Princess Celestia? Never heard of that." Rainbow Dash says.


"Nevermind. I think I have something to talk to Twilight, would you all wait outside the room for a while?" Luna interrupts Twilight. Everypony except Luna and Twilight leave the room.


When there's no option, even impossible has to be possible.

Even if it's not the cure.

As words inscribed on stone can not be erased easily.


"Seems that the old legend is true," Luna says, "that if something impossible happens, in the end the cause will also be erased. This is so-called the miracle spell, the very ultimate spell an alicorn can perform."

Twilight is going to say something but Luna quickly interrupts her and continues her talking, "let me explain what has happen to you." Luna says.


"It was a time when the whole world is in a catalysm, although there isn't much record remains in Equestria. At that time, the whole Equestria seems to be destroyed, after every possible ways Celestia and I attempted."

"Although no one knows the exact cause, wars and disasters happened all over Equestria. And finally, Celestia decided to cast the miracle spell."

"It's said that the spell can greatly alter the world, but since the alternation is impossible, eventually the existence of the caster would be erased as if he never exists. We still remember Celestia because we are alicorns, and thus our memory won't be altered this way, but that's all we can do. We can't change what's already happen without using another miracle spell."

"Celestia casted the miracle spell. She created a large shell to cover the whole Equestria and a little bit outside it, so that she could alter everypony's memory. She erased everypony's memory about the catalyst, and restore the Equestria back to before the catalyst."

"The majority of her magic turned into the Tree of Harmony. She did everything to prevent Equestria from being in war, or having huge disaster. She used cutie marks to guide everypony using their special talents to live with each other. Actually she even forced everypony to have a special talent so that they have to live together, instead of separating from one another and eventually having wars."

"However, she knows that she can't do that forever, but she's afraid that who takes her place after her vanish would ruin all her effort. So she decided to turn every alicorns in Equestria into earth ponies, unicorns, or pegasus, when they are about to be born. They are still alicorns inside, but they won't realize that until Celestia turn them back to alicorns."

"She then tried teaching all those alicorns, and pick what she believe would not ruin her hard work to turn back to alicorn and one of these would be her successor. You are one of those alicorns, and you are the one she picked to be her successor."

"It seems that, after her vanishing, what she have done still remains, only that she just didn't exist anymore even in the history, and only alicorns can remember her."

"And the Tree of Harmony and the shell might not exist anymore, since it's strongly bonded to her."


There's a seashell.

It will eventually vanish.

Leaving only the pearl inside.



This is a long part. But at least what happened should be, pretty clear?

Although what's waiting for Twilight is still unknown.

Being the chosen one, how long will she follow the path set for her?

6 thoughts on “[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 2 - Zero Sum (Part 1)

  1. OldenEmpire

    However I didn't think you meant this by zero-sum. I supposed you rather meant that if one party wins, a different party must lose. If there isn't any conflict here, therefore there must by conflict elsewhere.

    1. FlameRat

      Nope. It's just that the cause and the result is in pair, so altering one would infect another, at least that's what it mean here.

      Well, the title is meant to be a little confusing, but not so much that it just doesn't make any sense.

      1. OldenEmpire

        I do suppose. You are writing in a different language after all.

        So if I'm getting the idea, we have Equestria and the rest of the world as the pair, and since Equestria has been peaceful all this time the rest of the world has been more violent. Now that the spell has worn off Equestria will get more violent while the rest of the world gets more peaceful until they are once more on the same level.

        1. FlameRat

          I do wrote this completely in English. Although my writing my be infected by my native language and the philosophy from my country.

          Well, wrong. Equestria shouldn't be that peaceful, and it's Celestia who protect Equestria and make it a peaceful place (that's the impossible result). So in order to balance, Celestia will never exist in the first place (that's the erasing of the cause).

          The balancing happens in time, not in space.

          1. OldenEmpire

            Of course it would be influenced by our philosophy, not a thing we write isn't. But I digress.

            No, it shouldn't be that peaceful, nothing inhabited by intelligent critters should be that peaceful forever. Though there have been peaceful times in real history just they have never lasted. So I see we have both seen that issue and rectified it in our own ways. You making so that Celestia never existed in the first place, me by putting the violence in the back ground.

            I suppose, we each have our own ways.

          2. FlameRat

            Well at least this would never happen in real life, and even it happens, we in real life don't have the ability to see through time, so we won't know.

            Let's just call this a headcanon for the fiction world then. This can explain anything XD


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