[Fiction] Re-merge - Prologue

Decided that I would write an MLP fanfic for no reason. Maybe not worth reading, but well, still gonna write something.


A problem can be delayed, or can be buried, but can never disappear. 

There will be a time when the problem reappear. 

The problem will become more severe.

So, is it worth delaying it?


"Hey, Twilight, wake up! Have you forgot we are going to have a picnic today?"


"Twilight, wake up! We are almost late!"


A loud noise comes from outside the window. Twilight gets shocked and wake up. "Spike? What happened?"

Rainbow Dash bursts out laughing loudly on a thunder cloud outside.

"Did you really forget that we are gonna have a picnic today?" Spike asks.

"Your face don't look so good. Are you OK, sugarcube?" Apple Jack comes in and asked.

"Well... Just... Reading?" Twilight answers lazily.

"Oh darling, you don't have to push yourself that much even if you are a princess." Rarity comes in.

"I will wait for you there!" Rainbow Dash flys away.


This is Equestria. A very peaceful place. A land filled with happiness. 

And there's not much to worry in this wonderful land.


They arrive the picnic site.

"Wow! You already set up all of these?" Twilight is surprised by what she sees.

"Why yes! There's plenty of time for me to do this!" Pinkie Pie answers with cake in her mouth.

"I said, we are already late." Spike says to Twilight, rolling his eyes.

While Rainbow Dash is reading the latest issue of Daring Do, Fluttershy's caring every pets (although Angel refuses to be cared), and Starlight chats casually with Twilight.


The magic of the tree of harmony makes everypony out of worry, because whenever there's a problem, it will be solved before getting too severe.

There has been more than one thousand years without war.

It's a miracle.


Scooterloo comes by with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle to ask Rainbow dash telling them a story.

Trixie performs her magic tricks in the theatre and Babs Seed Clops her hooves loudly in the audiences.

Celestia checks the daily report from all over the Equestria in her palace. Luna sleeps quietly besides.

Cadence plays with her daughter and Shining Armor goes out to check the training of the guards.


Miracle isn't free.

Miracle can't last forever.

They have to face it again.


My idea is, prologue should not be that direct, and thus no need to start the main story right away. Just having some image about the state before the real story, should be a good start I guess.

Then in the next chapter, they will all have to start facing the problem.

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