[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 1 - Dying Harmony (Part 4)

Now maybe this is the last part of chapter 1. Then there will be a very, very big event.

Hopefully Twilight won't get too mad.


Twilight wakes up in the very early morning. She quickly tidy up herself, and flies directly from her castle to Canterlot. Everyday, she goes to Canterlot twice, to raise the sun in the morning, and to set the sun in the evening.

After the brief sun-raising ritual, she says goodbye to Luna, and then flies back to her castle. Luna still works and lives in Canterlot castle, since it's more convenient for her to do so. If anything happens, they would use mails to communicate between.

Spike has already prepared the breakfast. "Well, after you become in charge of Equestria, my work just got a little easier since you always don't have a proper breakfast." He says.

"You see, there's a lot more work for me to do now, and I have to do everything perfect now. "Twilight says, with her mouth filled with apple slices and raw oat meal.


After the quick meal, she goes to the cutie map room. After sitting down, "daily report, please?" She says to her friends.

"Agriculture situation is fine all over the Equestria. There's no report indicates a delay in planting." Apple Jack says.

"The weather is almost fine. Cloud production is in full speed. However, there's a short in lightning stocking." Rainbow Dash says.

"What's the problem?" Twilight asks.

"As the record shows, the thunder production in this season should be fine, but they seems to use too much. You know, land fertilizing requires a lot of lightning." Rainbow answers.

"Increase lightning production for a bit; tell the weather team to throw lightning on farmland, but don't let it hit the ground; remember them not to waste any lightning in current season." Twilight says, turning her head towards Spike.

"Please remember not to waste any lightning in the current season ... Done!" Spike finishes writing. After checking by Twilight, he breathes out some fire to send the letter to the mail agency. "Next?" Twilight says.

"Market price is steady. Currently there's no item on particular high demand compared to previous years." Rarity says.

"Every royal departments are in good state." Pinkie says.

"Environment condition is okay, the pollution issue in coal industry is still on the way to be solved." Fluttershy says.

"Then I think the daily report is over," Twilight says, "as usual, thank you girls all, to help me on my work besides your own job. Without you, I don't know if I could do all these on my own."

"Now I need to continue following my schedule. Bye, girls." She says. Apple Jack hugs her, and then they all leave the room except Twilight, Spike, and Starlight Grimmer. And Twilight starts discussing about the education situation with Starlight.


So, how long can Twilight keep everything in charge? No one knows. Zecora is still trying to save the Tree of Harmony, and Luna is still caring about Celestia, although Luna already knows what will happen.

Except she is not sure on one thing, one thing that is very possible to happen, but both she and Twilight won't want to think about it.


Beyond time, impossible can be possible.

But if impossible is impossible, then it's impossible to happen.

If there's no fruit, there won't be blossom.

At least, the bond is real.

And the wheel can spin.



It seems that these are enough for chapter one.

In the title I wrote, "Dying Harmony", but well, I didn't mentioned it in the text that much. This can be a good move, but might also not be.

Celestia delays the problem to the future. I, on the other hand, well, make myself harder to write the following chapters since I need to let this chapter make sense.

Anyway, in the next chapter, the real story will finally begins. 

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