[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 1 - Dying Harmony (Part 3)

So now, can Twilight really take such destiny without much preparation?

Well, too early to talk about this now.


"So, are you ready to take the honor to raise the sun for your first time?"

"Hope so...?"

"Twilight, you need to calm down. We need you to raise the sun just because you are at Celestia's former position now. You should take the honor, not the stress."

"I can't understand! Aren't you older than me, Luna? Why me, not you, to take the position of Celestia?"

"You see, I'm always be the one to guard the night, not the one to make the day. You are more suitable than me to be the leader. I think that's why Celestia chose you to be her successor, not me."


Sun is the hope of the day.

Moon is the guard of the night.

There is a need, to go forward.

And not to slip backward.

Both are important.


Luna flies up, and brings the moon down.

Twilight flies up, and raises the sun at the same time.

Then she casts a voice-enhancing spell to herself, and announces: "Today, I'm very honored to take the charge of Equestria. I know this is not an easy job for me, but I know the importance of my position, and I love you all, everypony. Now I promise, that I will try my best, to make Equestria a comfortable home for everypony!"

A storm of clopping hooves sound comes from the audience.

Twilight goes off the stage with Luna and meets her friends.

"Wow, Twilight, you are totally AWESOME!" Rainbow Dash screams out.

"I think I should make you a new outfit!" Rarity says.

"Let's have a celebrate party, Princess Twilight!" comes Pinkie Pie's voice.

"Thank you, girls. But it just happened to me so fast and I haven't fully adjusted myself yet." Twilight says with a lower voice.

"Oh sugarcube, I'm sure this won't be hard for you." Apple Jack says.

"I hope so, but being the princess to raise the sun is much stressful than just being a princess of friendship." Twilight says.

"Uh... Don't forget that we are still friends, right?" Fluttershy says quietly.

"You are right, we are still friends. Don't suppose I can still count on you girls for help when I'm in trouble?" Twilight says.

"Why not! We are always your friends, and we are always willing to help you!" Rainbow says.

"Rainbow Dash's right! Now let's have a party together, Twilight?" Comes Pinkie's voice again.

"Guess I don't have another option?"


Polaris does not direct the position,

Ursa Major does.

An entity does not carry the flag,

A group of friends does.



Twilight is always a leader. But well, no leader can be perfect and solve every problem on her own I guess.

Now she's in the position. What's waiting ahead?

At least she's not alone.

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