[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 1 - Dying Harmony (Part 2)

And then the story is going to be a little tricky to write, since it's very hard for Celestia to make up her mind, and it's even harder to show that with texts.


"So, are you going to tell Twilight everything now?" Luna asks Celestia, who's lying on a bed.

"I don't know. This is important to Twilight, but I'm afraid I don't have the courage to do so." Celestia says weakly.

Twilight rushes into the room. "Princess Celestia! Are you all right?"

Celestia doesn't answer. It looks like she have something to say, but can't open her mouth to say so.

"Well if it's too hard for you to tell everything, maybe you can just say the most important part, and I'll cover the rest?" Luna asks Celestia again.

Celestia waves to Twilight to get her closer. "Spike, take a note." Celestia says to Spike.

Spike grabs a piece of paper and a quill. "I now announce," Celestia speaks in a firm voice, although not as strong as she used to be, "that I will abdicate and from now on, Princess Twilight Sparkle is in charge of Equestria along with Princess Luna."

"Wait what?" Twilight is shocked at the sudden message.

Celestia lower down her voice, "congratulation, Twilight, although this is not an easy job to take. There's not much time left for me, and I have to do so. I know you can take the job to take charge of Equestria. I'm sorry I can't attend your ascend ceremony. Hope that you can protect Equestria well, although this is my personal desire."

Luna asks Twilight to go to another room with her. "I know you are a little confused now, and let's make it brief. There used to be a catastrophe that destroyed the whole world, and in order to protect her subject, Celestia drained the majority of her magic to recreate this imaginary Equestria. And now, her energy is used up and it's time for us all to see the reality again. But I can't protect Equestria on my own, so we need your help."

Still confusing, Twilight starts feeling the sharpest turn in her whole life.

And soon after that, she is going to feel the stress of facing the whole Equestria for her first time.


The sun has to set eventually, and after that, the star will be the guidance.

However, no one will have the preparation of the appearance of a nova.

There will be a nova, but there won't be a "when".

And the "when" can be anything.



Yes this will happen. Celestia will leave her position one day, otherwise she would have not raised Sunset or Twilight before.

But for Twilight, well there isn't a book about how to be in charge of the whole empire, I guess. Hopefully she won't get mad.

Chapter one will have one or two more parts before starting a new chapter, because otherwise there will be too sudden for the event to happen, and I think gradually tightening the string is a better choice.

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