[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 1 - Dying Harmony (Part 1)

So this is chapter one. The true story will start right away.

I think a quick start would be good for this story.


"Huh!" Celestia suddenly awakes at the midnight.

Luna rushes in. "You see that again?"

"Yes. I don't think there's much time left before it happens."

"Should we tell Twilight and Cadence about this?"

"I don't know. I think I already lose the courage to do this after so many years."


Bad things can't get wiped. They can just get delayed.

Is it worth to delay a problem?

Is it wrong to trade for the current peace, at the price of future disaster?


"Twilight Sparkle!" Zecora breaks into Twilight's castle in a hurry, "there's something I need to say: the forest is fading away. Harmony is draining out, and what it needs is thou!"

"You mean... The tree of harmony is in danger again?" Twilight says.

"Yes, that's what I said."

Twilight gets separated with Spike to wake her five friends up, and they follows Zecora to the tree of harmony. Everfree Forest seems to be brighter that day, and there's many fallen leaves on the ground.

They reaches the tree. At first glance the tree looks normal, but when looks carefully, there's a lot of cracks on the trunk.

"Everything I can, I already did; but as what I see, none of those is the key." Zecora says, with a sigh.

Spike spits out a letter. "Dear Princess Twilight: Please come to the castle in Canterlot as soon as possible. There's something wrong with Celestia and we need to meet you right away. Luna." He reads.

"Should I make a cake so that you can send it to Celestia?" Pinkie Pie asks.

"Maybe not this time, Pinkie. Anyway, I think I should go now. You girls can stay with Zecora to see if there's any solution. Spike, let's go."


When there left no way to escape, the only way is to face.

It will be a pain, but is the key to cure.

The sky will fall but that's not the end of everything.


I don't think I can do a whole chapter every day. So I would just write something every day. Since this is also a blog post, I think I can make every part an individual post. I will sort all of these into a single PDF in the future, I guess.

And just in case, these grey parts are not a part of the fiction, and I just write these every time before and after I write a part of the fiction. Just like a diary thingy, I guess.

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