My first Fallout 4 building! And some blablablah.


Took me 1 and a half hours. Impressive? No?

(The screenshot was took by using the console command "tfc 1" to toggle to free camera mode, which allows the camera to go into air and thus makes it much easier for me to take screenshots from whatever angle I want.)

Here's another three angle of this house.

2015-11-15_00016 2015-11-15_00015 2015-11-15_00014

Does it look pretty? Well, seems that Fallout 4's building system is not as good as I thought, and this actually took me more time than I expected.

I'm some-how a fan of 3-floor house, you can say. Well in Minecraft I usually just do two floors but when there's enough area, I would make a small shack on the roof of the building, making it a 3-floor one.

For floor plan, this one is a 5x4, but the building itself is 5x3. Well this is build on an old foundation, but that's a 4x3 one, not large enough, so I made it slightly larger and the result is 5x4. But due to the grass on the floor, I can't make a 5x4 building, because no one would be willing to live in a house that has grass inside, I think. So, ended up making a 5x3.


Here's the first revision of the building. As you can see, the first floor is actually a little smaller, and has a doorway thingy. I didn't put the door frame on because it just won't let me do so. The second floor is a full 5x3, pretty large space. The third floor has a balcony and a small shack thingy. Then there's a ladder that leads to the very top of the building.


The first floor. Looks, well, just large. And it looks pretty public. Too bad I can't put the door frame on. And, well, 5x3 sounds not so big, but is actually pretty big. And it's already vaster than any other room in this town, almost like a workshop. Well, who doesn't love big rooms?


The second floor is also big. But since it's a standard rectangle, it doesn't look quite big. But this surely provides more privacy I think.


The third floor shack. It's a small one, but since the building is big, this looks also somehow big? Well, never gonna run out of room spaces again I guess.

But, there's a little problem. This uses plain wall and floor. And thus, The whole building just looks boxy, and plain. Well, everyone makes cardboard box house at first, but those house looks pretty ugly. It just looks plain, standard, and have almost no identity.


And this is the worst angle to look at the house. Plain wall, large plain wall, what can be more boring?

Then I found a solution, the one I should look at, in the first place.

The hangouts.


It just looks a lot better to put something to break the plain wall, isn't it? Although still not looking quite good, well, already a lot better than just a box, I think. And the textures of those hangouts are pretty good actually.

And it brings some windows. Now we are talking about windows. (There isn't any windows on the first floor though. But since there's no door, I think it would be fine to have no windows. If it's too narrow, well, I think I would just add another door to the building and it would be fine. Also, adding a small hangout is always an option.)


And the interior looks a lot vaster. Now it looks comfortable.

And now, only two problem remains.


Unfillable holes on the wall. Just because the wall doesn't want to go down a little bit more. Is this a serious problem? It is. This means, high ceiling is not an option, unless it's at the very centre of the room. But well, most high ceilings are at the side of the room isn't it?


Unable to snap things to where nothing is obstructed. Actually, just for building the hangout and the end wall, I removed the ladder and two pieces of walls. Then after that done, although the gap is still half-block wide, capable of snapping a small fence, it just didn't want to. Also, this makes me unable to use any door frames.


Well, in general, Fallout 4's building system is still fun. But they should definitely do some more work to make the system work properly. They can't just say that, because most players would just use prefabs like all the time to make those little box thingy, or something that is pretty simple, without thinking too much on the design, they can just focus on those players and leave those who loves building in games and want to try a more complex design alone.

Not saying that, the current system in not impressive. Actually, those assets were well done, and really fits the style well. But, it's far from perfect. And it requires a lot of changes, for fixing bugs, and for having more powerful features. Assets creating can be modders' job, but game engine should be game dev's job.

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