So... Still Some Guys That Hate China That Much?

Don't know what to say. Sure, due to the GFW, China remains a lot of mysteries on the Internet. But well, if someone thinks that China is some place that even don't have a law, okay, I think I should fight back, not only because I am a Chinese, but also people on the Internet should know how China really is. Lack of knowledge cause misunderstanding, and I think everyone should try to wipe off those misunderstanding, not adding more.

Here's the post. Or Youtube comment in exact.

Also, shouldn't buyer protect themselves when buying stuffs, rather than being no aware and wish to get their money back when being scammed? Isn't it better to avoid being harmed on the first place instead of trying to recover the damage after being harmed?

Well this is Internet. There's always some people who just want to screw up the whole community.

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