Month: November 2015

I hacked my gamepad

Drilled two holes on the triggers and plugged in two toothpicks (actually one, I broke that into two part) and now I have shorter triggers. Now I can have the Xbox Elite controller... 's trigger stopper function. Hopefully this can help me better at some games. I can always pull those toothpicks out if I […]

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My first Fallout 4 building! And some blablablah.

Took me 1 and a half hours. Impressive? No? (The screenshot was took by using the console command "tfc 1" to toggle to free camera mode, which allows the camera to go into air and thus makes it much easier for me to take screenshots from whatever angle I want.)

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So... Still Some Guys That Hate China That Much?

Don't know what to say. Sure, due to the GFW, China remains a lot of mysteries on the Internet. But well, if someone thinks that China is some place that even don't have a law, okay, I think I should fight back, not only because I am a Chinese, but also people on the Internet […]

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