Finally, some new codes in my game project!

So... After doing some algorithm design on paper, I can realize it easier.

My draft is pretty messy, but it works. At least somehow. Doing everything directly in code editor is terrible, I don't even think of it considering the amount of codes I have to manage.

This is larger than any of the previous project I've done.


But... Still, GM:S has a pretty awful language.

It just waste my energy.

What made me relief a bit is that, they do offer some spelling sugar when dealing with data structures, but it's a little buggy... Well, what I want to complain is that, those sugars can't stack. Also, no namespace, no class. Plain C style is okay, but, maybe not so efficient when dealing with a lot of stuffs?

Look at this. You know what I mean.

But after all, I made some progress today.

I wonder how much I can progress before Mane6 release their Them's Fightin' Herds.

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