Some current thought of my game project

So... How much should I go?

I decided that I should use a top-down position tracking for player, then convert that position to on-screen position for display and collision detection. However, is this enough?

For now I'm considering storing assets and room metadata as external file, and do dynamic loading. But that would make it quite hard to make interacting codes.

Also, does that means, I should draw objects on the fly, and do all the collision detect by myself? That would yield better result, however it would make the already complex level design even more complex.

My idea to use a lot of 2D static image to create a abstract 3D world, requires precise drawing. Yes, I want to make the world hand-drawn style, which means I can't use many methods when drawing.

But, should I use metadata to mark down every tile I need to draw, then let the game engine draw those on the fly? This means, no level design tool available šŸ™

Well, maybe I really should go this way, maybe it would save some work for me.

Hah, GameMaker: Studio is supposed to be used to quickly make games, but I can't quite take the advantage of most of their design tool.

But at least they somehow offer some necessarily powerful APIs, so that I don't have to use external DLLs although at the moment I don't quite want to port this game to other platforms.

Things I think I would use:

  • JSON I/O. At least I don't have to use freaking INIs.
  • Surface. It should help save up a lot of resources when I'm doing dynamic drawings. Also, I think I have to use that when doing GUIs anyway.
  • ZIP file I/O. But sadly there's no way I can just access what's inside without extracting the whole file. Also, no encryption/decryption supported, so I can't make encrypted ZIP files in order to protect my assets.
  • D3D maybe? Let's say I might want to use those, although this is not a 3D game anyway. Who knows if I would ended up adding some duang into the game or not?

But... What's a bigger challenge is the storywriting. Also, haven't done status tracking part yet. And the GUI part, which is not easy considering this is not a stage-solving puzzle but more like a RPG without battle section.


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