My thought of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

Spoiler alert! Well, but is this alert really necessary because that title is already a spoiler indicator?

Yes I watched EG:FG. Is this a good movie? Well a direct-to-TV movie is not supposed to be super high budget stuffs, but still, to MLP's standard, good enough I think.

So where to start? Maybe Crystal Prep Academy? So, Canterlot High School is actually Poniville, and as the background characters shows, CPA is actually Canterlot. Pretty funny... But it make sense.

Human Twilight (Sci Twi in short) studied alone in CPA, then she went to CHS and finally decided to transfer there. Look at Pony Twi (not Ponyta XD). Pony Twi used to study along in Canterlot then finally decided to move to Poniville. Coincident?

Not really. Actually after watching the post-credit scene in EG:RR, what I thought is that Sci Twi is a reflection of pre-season-one Pony Twi. Before season one, Twilight study alone and she's very alone in Canterlot. Yes she had friends there but you know how it comes.

And for the plot, both Twilight went to Poniville/CHS and met M5 there, then finally realize the importance of friendship and decided to stay there. The only major difference is just Sunset Shimmer.

Yes, seems that many people don't like Sunset, but she's really a well made character, I have to say. She did something wrong, then she want to be good and make up for her mistake. She's doing hard. So actually I somehow consider her a better designed character than Luna, who only blame herself rather than do something. Yes, guarding the dream is something, but that's her duty. Sunset doesn't have duty to do anything. Even being asked to do research on the magic, is just what she accepted to do, rather than being forced to.

So, back to the plot. This movie is basically focused on Sunset and Sci Twi, the one who made mistake and the one who's gonna make mistake.

And the story is basically, Sunset finally realize the value of Friendship (rather than just the importance), and Sci Twi learns that there's more than just knowledge that she needs.

During the plot line, each of the M5 had ponied up once. Although this can be explained as their lack of control of magic, it also fits the theme of 'friendship is magic' pretty well. Look at the requirement of doing a pony up. In original EG, it seems to be just harmony magic; in EG:RR. it seems that playing music can do; but in EG:FG, it's that when they offer help to others that shows their elements within, i.e. spreading the magic of friendship, they can pony up.

Actually this is a good point. Although the former two also have some links with friendship, the link is not quite strong. And their represent elements became just some sort of nonsense spell, as they didn't actually show off those elements.

Look at EG. Did AJ tried hard to tell the truth? Nope. Did FS tried to show kindness to others? Well nope again. So this is the problem. And this might be the reason why some people don't like EG. Thankfully this got fixed in S4 of the TV show.

Look at EG:RR. Their pony up really don't have a reason. Why playing music is the case? Even if this can be explained as they tried to be friendly, this really didn't do anything with their elements. So, EG:RR is actually more like a music movie rather than a MLP show.

But in EG:FG, everytime they pony up, if they are not playing music, it's actually because they are showing their elements, and sometimes even being an example for others.

Let's cover all of the pony up without playing music.

First, RD when cheering everyone. She's showing the importance to be loyalty and fight for their own fame.

Then, Rr when making dresses for others. But... Well, personally I don't think this is quite as good. As AJ said, 'you REALLY don't have to do all of these.' Being generous is good, but force feeding generous to others, well not quite good.

Then, PP bring up the party. Yes she's just being Pinkie Pie.

Then, FS offering treatment to Spike. Not so much to say.

Then, AJ taught Sci Twi how to shoot. But... Well although this is honesty for sure, as she really didn't lie, it's more like generosity, or something. Anyway what AJ did is still something good. Helping others, even if that 'others' are enemies. And this fits the title well.

Finally, RD saved Sunset. Even if they might lost the match.

This time, they all have something to do.

For the story telling, this time they also do a good job. They really take the advantage of the length of the film to give each character an individual period of time to show their elements.

And for the ending, Sunset taught Sci Twi a lot, and Sci Twi (actually even Sunset) realize the true meaning of friendship. And what's better? As the theme of season 5 goes, they not only teach themselves, but also others. Finally the let the whole CPA team to realize the importance of friendship, as there's none before. This is like, a whole school showing the other school to be friendly. Pretty large topic.

So the ending is pretty good. Although Sci Twi's transform is still too quick, just as the two prequels of this movie goes.

And, now, fun stuffs!

  1. RD really loves to show off... Do not abusing magic please...
  2. still... No crossfader for DJ mixer? Also mono speaker for a mixer is a sin.
  3. seems that now Sunset is okay with others tearing her scar... Sunset you are better than me because I still can't be quite okay with this.
  4. Sci Twi is really a jerk... A lonely jerk.
  5. eh... Shining Armor looks like a derp. Also, is it really good to have such a dark principle room, since principle is supposed to be friendly with students (even thought students might not think of this)?
  6. Personally I'm not quite like Canterlot, because those unicorns are just... Well not friendly. Now also I'm not quite like CPA either, as it's basically Canterlot.
  7. it seems that Hasbro nerfed their pony up form. They now no longer have 4 ears and rainbow strips. Oh Nerf is made by Hasbro. No wonder they can nerf!
  8. GO AWAY FLASH SENTRY! NO ONE LIKE YOU! Well maybe the reason he's still in the show is just because of this XD This is just a fun stuff so I'm not serious.
  9. also, Flashderp?! XD. But, not voice for Derpy is a sin.
  10. Sci Twi is a derp.
  11. party cannon! Has been doubled!
  12. the way Pinkie holding an optical disc might scratch that disc.
  13. no... Just no! No talking dog Spike please...
  14. Spike is actually the key to defeat Sci Twi. Yes Spike is magic. M6 sucks.
  15. why competing for baking, handcraft, chemistry and math to decide who to compete in sport?
  16. also, main character master race!
  17. Sci Twi's hadouken! Over... How many thousands?
  19. GlaDoS should do the voice of Sunset. At least the alicorn Sunset.
  20. what? Sci Twi doesn't need to fix that statue?
  21. Pony Twi, Sci Twi. The Twilight has been DOUBLED!!!
  22. so what's next?

In general, I give this movie 9/10. Pretty good story, with few seam.



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