Finally I got my hands on the P6oB project again

Yeah, it has been a very long time... Planned to have 6 alicorns to hold the legend, but after drawing 2 of them with color, the other 4 just got delayed over and over again.

But, now it's the time for me to give the rest of them some color (literally some color).

p6ob macro

So, my art style has changed during the several months of break. But well, I just pick a random style now.

And, funny enough, it's inspired by a random sketch by myself XD

injured unicorn

Yes this guy. So a messy sketch actually helps me reopen my P6oB project XD

Anyway, I have a lot of alicorn OCs. Well some people still hate alicorns, but I think most people who have alicorn OCs just want to get some respect rather than some like.

A dozen of alicorns. If possible, I think I might be able to submit 8 alicorn OCs to the Your OC Sucks podcast so that I have have my own episode! XD

the alicorn tribe

(By the way, all the pics are linked to my DeviantArt page.)

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