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RIP IntenseDebate. Now the comment system is upgraded to Jetpack

Really don't want to say this, but, sadly, the mail system and the spam system is broken on IntenseDebate, and even worse, the spam box isn't synchonized between ID and WP sites.

And, I've missed quite a few old messages. Think of when EQD switched to Disqus I said that I would still use ID on my site, and now, well, ID is broken on WordPress sites too. No comment lost luckily, but mail notification and spam filter is very important too.

So, sorry if you've been followed my blog (which I didn't thought anyone visited my blog because the comment system is broken XD) You may try comment on this post below (no spam please) to see if I can receive the comment normally. And, check my DA page for my mail address which also serve as my Skype account.

And, there's 2 other sites I'm moderating, 2 sites of 2 fansub group I'm in. I'm gonna switch the comment system to Jetpack too.

Just hope that this can work, and it's less resource-hungry than Disqus. I don't hate Disqus, just that it's way too modern and really not suitable for a lightweight blog like this. The only reason I choose the "zombie service" IntenseDebate over other more modern services. Oh and, Disqus don't support Gravatar. That sucks.

关于在Windows 10上开热点的正确姿势的笔记,嘛。。。也许吧

(English Version)


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Some notes on the proper way of doing Ad-Hoc on Windows 10, I guess.


So... The situation is, as my school starts using the new authentication software for network, it allows enabling multiple network cards without hacking, aka I can finally get myself some sweet Ad-Hoc action for my cellphone... But certainly not super easy to set up. Thankfully I finally got a way to get it all done.

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Sin about the print media design of CN Pony Con, I guess...

*WARNING* Everything I said is subjective. If you don't agree, defend it with your opinion, don't shut my mouth. And don't say things like I'm forcing you to agree on me.

That being said... Well, it's just some random convention... But to me it seems that there's a lot of wrongs in it's design... I'm not going there, and all I got is some photos of their print media. And, I am not doing this for money or intended to blacken their reputation by saying all these.

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The self-deletion of an online profile, and something more

So... This really isn't a fun topic, but more like, some sort of underrated problem.

I didn't get the whole story, but based on what I got, it seems that it's still worth a discussion. If you know more about this story, please PM me.

This is a real story, but for protecting privacy, I'll use fake names for representing the peoples and sites in this story.

Keep in mind that, all the opinions in this is very subjective. And I'm not a profession in psychology.

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MLP S06E08 personal thought

Originally posted by me on Friendship Daily of Disqus (link).

So... Some thought about the new episode.

This episode is pretty much an opera, which is very obvious, although, well, I guess Twilight directed the opera, and maybe sending VCR tapes away for educational purpose? She's the princess of friendship, so she could do something like that.

Well... That's not what I'm gonna talk.

I said on the spoiler free discussion that, there's some sort of kinda heavy topic in this episode.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Final Chapter

So what's this about?

Well, just a little bit more after the ending, to make the story more complete.

The story of Twilight won't end here though, since there's way too many stuffs to cover in one fiction.

But for now, here's what makes this story complete.

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[Fiction] Re-merge - Chapter 7 - Orbitalization (Part 4)

Finally, it's the end!

The end for now, technically.

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